Dental Clinics in Johor Bahru How Much Can You Save By Going Across The Border

September 15, 2021, Crawford and O brein

A perfect set of pearly whites is one of the best accessories you could have. But dental care in Singapore can get expensive, especially if you’re using private clinics. It’s no wonder a recent news report revealed that almost 90% of the Singaporean respondents surveyed were concerned about the rising cost of dental care.

But there is a silver lining. Johor Bahru is just across the Causeway, and dental care costs a fraction of what it does on our own sunny shores.
The clinics in this table are arranged according to the cheapest to the most expensive.

For sake of comparison, scaling and polishing costs between $50 and $105 in Singapore, which translates to between 154 and 322 MYR. For crowns, dental clinics in Singapore charge between $400 and $2,140 (1,228 to 6,569 MYR).Visit here; Braces Johor Bahru.

Dental clinics in City Square Mall

City Square Mall is one of Singaporeans’ favourite malls because it’s right next to the Causeway. Once you pass the checkpoint on the JB side, you can simply cross the overhead bridge directly to the mall. Many Singaporeans just hop over to City Square Mall to buy groceries, shop and have a meal before walking back to the checkpoint.

IMC City Square Medical Centre

IMC Medical Group has clinics at VivoCity, Marina Bay Sands and Citilink, as well as one at City Square in Malaysia. Needless to say, the City Square branch is more affordably priced than the other three. The City Square branch is also the only one that’s open on Sunday. Despite their proximity to the border with Singapore and the number of Singaporean clients they have, their prices are competitive compared to other dentists in JB.

Dental clinics in Taman Pelangi

Taman Pelangi is less than ten minutes’ away by car from the checkpoint. It has the bonus of being home to lots of hipster cafes and chic restaurants, which means you can spend a whole day hanging out there after your dental appointment.

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SG Dental Clinic

SG Dental Clinic’s got a nice, cosy interior, with a waiting room that looks more like some young, stylish person’s living room. This makes it ideal for those who get anxious before a visit to the dentist. The clinic is headed by two equally young and charismatic dentists.

Dental clinics in Taman Sentosa

Taman Sentosa, located about a ten minute cab ride from the Causeway, is a favourite destination of groups of visiting Singaporeans looking for a hearty seafood feast. It’s also where many venture in order to enjoy the shadier delights on offer in the area’s red light district.

Pink and White Dental Care

This clinic is relatively new, having been founded only in 2016, but it has received rave reviews from Singaporeans for the gentleness and patience of their dentists and general efficiency. The general consensus is that the clinic is a pleasant place and child-friendly. As an added bonus, they are also open on Sundays.

CH Tee Dental Clinic

This clinic offers very wallet-friendly prices. In addition to the usual procedures, their head dentist also specialises in braces, implants, crowns and bridges. The clinic itself gives off a very neighbourhood vibe, and the waiting room looks like a Malaysian living room. But the clinic is quite popular amongst locals living in the area who wish to get braces at an affordable price.


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