Tips on How to Seduce Your Dentist if You Are a Mature Woman

September 24, 2021, DentalProMax

Tips on How to Seduce Your Dentist if You Are a Mature Woman
Tips on How to Seduce Your Dentist if You Are a Mature Woman

     There’s something very attractive about a man who is confident, professional, and successful - all things which accurately describe a dentist. How could a man who pulls teeth out for a living be anything but oozing with assurance?!
     Just like doctors, dentists are highly sought after, so if you want to seduce your dentist, you’ll have to get ahead of the crowds. The good news is that many men are attracted to mature women because they also offer confidence and self-assurance and don’t have the same insecurities as younger girls. If you’re a MILF this puts you in a prime position to get flirty with your dentist - here are a few ways to go about it.

Hot MILFs Need a Nice Smile

     Did you know that many young male dentists end up dating their mature female patients? For some, it’s hard to believe, but many of them seek mature women on purpose because of how hot and stunning they are.
For example, if you log in to any quality online platform made for MILF dating, you’ll probably bump on a couple of dentists looking to meet hot milfs there in the first, like, ten minutes! Some of them spend hours and hours scrolling dating platforms and social media in search of a perfect hot MILF, and there’s, of course, an explanation for such a tendency.
     Being a wet dream of many men, mature women are attractive because of their experience and wisdom; they know what they want, and also they are capable of talking about their desires out loud. So, why would you think that your hot dentist will not hit on you in the first place?!
     Still, during the course of their work, dentists will meet hot women all day long, so you’ll need to be on your best game to get him to pay close attention. But a dental clinic isn’t a dating site where you can flirt and set the right mood, so how can you get your dentist to think about you romantically?
     Dentists are super focused on teeth, so if yours are better than average, you can be sure that you’ll turn his head. Of course, terrible teeth will also grab his attention but for all the wrong reasons!
Therefore, if your teeth aren’t in great shape, you might want to visit another dentist first. There’s nothing less attractive than a smelly mouth with rotting teeth; you can kiss goodbye to your chances of a date if this sounds like you! Take a little extra time and make sure your mouth is in the very best condition and your smile is bright before you even think about scheduling a visit to your hot dentist.

     Even good teeth need check-ups at the dentist, so there’s nothing suspicious in booking an appointment, even when your teeth are looking great.

How to Approach Seducing Your Dentist

     If you’re certain about seducing your dentist, you’ll have to take advantage of them being up close and personal. To do their job, a dentist has to move into your private space, and this provides a perfect opportunity to create intimacy.
The first thing to do is to ensure you smell alluring. This means minty mouth wash and also a dab of your favorite perfume. Don’t overdo it; the effect should be subtle: as your dentist leans in, he should get a delightful waft of your chosen feminine scent. Maybe do a bit of research first, as there are studies that suggest there are some perfumes that automatically turn men on!
     Another good ploy is to think of a question you need to ask your dentist, but don’t wait until the appointment is nearly over to get chatting. Just as they pull their chair close and start to move towards you, softly ask them a question. Your faces will be almost touching, and it’s a great way to create an instantly intimate atmosphere.

Make It Actually Happen!

     Most dentists have the radio playing in the background as this helps to create a more relaxing environment for treatment. You can use this to your advantage, as it’s the perfect conversation opener.
Rather than just batting your eyelashes at the dentist and complimenting him on his expertise, be bold enough to ask him out. You could mention the music and suggest you go and watch a live act together some day - the worst that could happen is that he says no!
     And of course, if you are turned down for any reason, there’s a whole wide world out there of single men who will appreciate you more. You could find other men who are dentists and looking for love, even if you use an online dating service to help you narrow your search. You won’t know whether your dentist is interested unless you give it a try, and if you do feel embarrassed, you can always switch to another dentist in the future - and maybe ask them out instead!


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