Tips for keeping your kids teeth clean and healthy

October 18, 2021, Crawford and O brein

Tips for keeping your kids teeth clean and healthy
Tips for keeping your kids teeth clean and healthy

Kids and their oral hygiene go together like young love and acne: it's not something you usually want to think about, but since it's unavoidable, you might as well do some preparation. Here are a few simple steps that'll both get your kids in the habit of brushing regularly and get them set up for life-long dental health.

Cavity Prevention

To prevent cavities in children, start out by limiting or eliminating junk food, especially sticky candy that can get lodged between teeth. Get kids in the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste—and don't forget to brush your own! It's not just about them. Most dentists recommend brushing children's teeth for two minutes each time.

Good Brushing Habits

Good brushing habits start young. You can get a head start by using a baby toothbrush to clean your child's teeth until they develop the manual dexterity for proper brushing. Model good oral care, and set up your child with their own electric or battery-powered toothbrush as soon as possible. If children are forced into more adult-style dental care before they're ready.

Visit The Dentist

Regular visits to a midtown OKC dentist are essential. Kids should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears or by their first birthday. Then, find a respected dentist in your community for long-term treatment options. Fluoride treatments should be applied by a professional every six months for the best results. Make sure to use dental floss when brushing isn't enough.

Eliminate Dental Problems Early

If you notice any signs of dental problems in your child, make an appointment with a pediatric dentist right away. Some symptoms may indicate more severe problems, such as oral cancer. Brush your kid's teeth twice every day--plus floss once a day if possible. Flossing is vital for oral health care because it helps clean the spaces between the teeth, where food debris and plaque accumulate. Once your child's teeth start coming in, show her how to brush by gently guiding her hand. Your child will probably like it if you let him choose his own toothbrush and toothpaste flavor. If he likes a particular character on the box, buy them that toothbrush.

Here are two tips to help them learn faster:

1. Stand behind him and show him how you hold the toothbrush.

2. Brush his teeth while he brushes yours, so he can see how it's done.

There are health problems that come with poor hygiene. If teeth aren't brushed well, they won't be clean. Bacteria will grow between them and on the tongue, causing cavities, bad breath, and even worse health problems. Other than brushing their teeth every day, how can you keep your kid's teeth healthy? Parents should teach proper dental hygiene techniques to their children at an early age to prevent health problems and expensive dental bills.


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