Everything You Need to Know About Vaping

October 21, 2021, Clove Dental

What is Vaping? In simple terms, the process of smoking an e-cigarette is called Vaping. E-cigarettes do not produce tobacco smoke like traditional cigarettes. Instead, it uses vapour or an aerosol to send nicotine into the lungs.

It is a common notion that the aerosol made by e-cigarettes is harmless. But in reality, this aerosol can be very harmful to your oral health. Its toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and ultra-fine particles can take a toll on your dental health. Apart from this, excess vaping can also lead to respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and cancers especially to the ones who has recently undergone a tooth implant procedure or any other dental treatment. OK, now let’s have a look at the effects of Vaping on the teeth.

Effects of Vaping On Your Teeth
Let us have a look at the after-effects of vaping on teeth and gums:
Receding Gums – Nicotine is a harmful substance that restricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the gums and teeth. It further obstructs the blood flow to the veins and reduces the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the gums. The result is gum recession due to the death of gum tissues. This condition, if left untreated, can cause tooth sensitivity and increase the chances of cavities and tooth loss.

Tooth Decay, Bacteria, & Dry Mouth – Dental experts say that nicotine present in e-cigarettes can drastically reduce saliva production in the mouth. It can invite issues like plaque build-up, dry mouth, bacteria breeding, and even tooth decay.

Bruxism – Do you know that nicotine is a strong muscle stimulant? Nicotine when consumed through Vaping can push the smoker towards Bruxism. Gnashing, clenching, or grinding teeth frequently can several tooth damage and other dental complications. Please note that this issue of teeth grinding can aggravate if not taken care of timely.

Effects of Vaping On Your Gums
Vaping can make the smoker vulnerable to various gum issues. Nicotine can lead to inflammation and swelling in the gums. Moreover, its combination with bacteria breeding and dry mouth open a gateway to various gum diseases. Here are some severe effects of vaping on the gums:
Irritated, red, or bleeding gums
Halitosis or chronic bad breath
Receding gums
Swollen or tender gums
Loose or complete loss of teeth
Can You Prevent It?
Fortunately yes. People who are into Vaping can effectively get rid of this issue if they take care of their oral hygiene.
The first rule is to limit nicotine intake. People can also go for nicotine-free or low-nicotine juices. It will play a vital role in reducing nicotine impact on teeth and gums.

Brushing and flossing are the keys to success here. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day can help remove plaque and tartar from the teeth surface. It prevents cavity development and stimulates oral health.

Dental checkups can help smokers in averting severe dental issues. Going for a cleaning session every six months is also a great way to maintain oral hygiene.

People who wear dental braces need to take special care of their cleanliness and hygiene.

Final Words
So, yes Vaping is extremely dangerous for oral health. Nicotine inhalation can lead to severe teeth and gum diseases. First of all, smokers should try to quit this habit as soon as possible. Until then, good oral hygiene plus regular dental checkups can save them from these diseases. 


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