7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Orthodontic Practice Revenue

November 22, 2021, Pitner Orthodontics

Increase Your Orthodontic Practice Revenue
Increase Your Orthodontic Practice Revenue
Ways on how Hip Agency can help you get the most out of your Orthodontic Practice Revenue.

Orthodontics is a booming field. Each year, more and more people find out about the benefits of straight teeth, and elect to correct their malocclusions. In the early 2000s, orthodontics practices experienced a nearly 30% increase in annual revenue. This trend has continued for over a decade with the average orthodontist earning approximately $350,000 per year. Indeed, there’s a lot of opportunities in the orthodontics field. However, we haven’t talked about competition yet. When you are competing with thousands of other orthodontists for patients, it is important to take advantage of any opportunity you can get. You can simply hire experts and increase your Orthodontic Practice revenue with https://hip.agency/ or learn more from this article!

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry that uses braces and retainers to straighten teeth, improve a patient’s bite, and their facial profile. An orthodontist has a specialized form of education in addition to the dental degree. The study of orthodontics is very different from other branches in dentistry, but there are some commonalities. For example both the dentist and orthodontist remove decay that is above the gum line or treat impacted teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be very expensive for the patient, especially when you factor in the cost of retainers over time. Orthodontic patients frequently require more than one visit before complete treatment is provided.

Increase your Orthodontic Practice Revenue
Running a successful practice is something every orthodontist wants. And it's not surprising, these days patients are more demanding, competition increases and payment methods are changing. There are many factors that will help you make more money in your outpatient orthodontics practice. You want to make sure that you are pulling in the highest possible patient flow to get the most patients out of each day. Here are 7 simple ways to increase your orthodontic practice revenue.

#1 Understand how patients make decisions.
Orthodontics has undergone some major advancements over the years, which has helped to improve the quality of patient care that is also more cost-efficient than ever before. With the help of new technologies and modern techniques, orthodontists can offer patients a choice of how they wish to achieve an attractive smile, which is why many patients are more willing to participate in orthodontic treatment over alternatives like cosmetic dentistry procedures. This also helps prevent patients from making impulsive decisions at times.

Remember, orthodontic treatment is a long-term investment for your clients and therefore getting to know your patients and their decision process regarding their orthodontic treatment is an important part of your business.

How patients make decisions is an area of research that has been studied for decades. There are very specific steps that they follow when making decisions about their orthodontic treatment. Getting to know how your patients respond to various marketing strategies will help you to understand the most effective way to reach them.

#2 Know how to run successful marketing campaigns.
In any business, marketing is the lifeline of success. No matter how fantastic your product or service is, without a marketing strategy, you can’t generate enough leads or sell more services and products and hence, the business stands at a huge risk of losing profits and rankings in search engines. Orthodontic marketing can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Before you create your marketing campaigns, it is important to put together a strategy as to where and how you will be gaining new patients.

#3 Build a strong online presence.
First, you have to build an online presence. The best way to start getting more patients is to get your name out there. The more people that know about you, the more are likely to look you up. On top of that, if your name is being talked about then it’s thought of in a positive manner.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of people look at your business online before calling. This means that they’re looking for prices, reviews, and your social media channels, so it's essential to establish a strong digital presence.

#4 Target Your Local Audience.
The only way to be successful locally with Orthodontist marketing is to be speaking the same language as your community. That means using the core demographic as a basis for your marketing materials, and also speaking to your potential patients through social media.

#5 Modernize Your Website
Having a more modern website makes your website look more up-to-date. It engages patients and helps them feel connected to you and your practice. It also allows you to highlight some of your best work.

There are a few ways you can modernize your website. You could choose to make it mobile friendly. You could add in an online form that patients can fill out. You could put in video testimonials.

#6 Don’t forget to highlight safety procedures
There is no question that COVID-19 is affecting dental practices everywhere, and this has created significant challenges. In particular, it has created challenges due to a decrease in patient flow that inevitably affects revenue.

As an Orthodontist, you have an important role to play in helping patients understand the risk of COVID-19 and the steps they can take to prevent exposure. It's a must to highlight their safety procedures. There is also a need to make a big deal out of wearing masks and gloves, and great pains about cleaning their equipment.

#7 Offer additional services
Many of your patients (especially contacts and referrals) will be coming to you for orthodontic services and they will need more than just treatment of the teeth. They will need cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and other oral health options. They may also need pain management relating to their orthodontic treatment and this is a service that they will not find elsewhere.

To run a successful orthodontic practice, you need to be thinking about multiple things- from marketing, customer retention, patient relations to managing your time better. With so many concerns, it’s better to work with an orthodontic marketing company who will mostly take care of those complicated parts for you.  With the ideas in this post, you should be able to get yourself moving in the right direction. You can get work from your current patients, have people recommend you to their friends, and get people coming back because of great customer service.


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