Cupping Therapy in its purest form.

November 22, 2021, Eastern Acupuncture and Wellness

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is a common treatment method, and it has been well recognized and widely known. The cupping method was first introduced to the globe by traditional Chinese medicine. When it comes to cupping treatment, it's been used in China and other parts of the globe for centuries. As of now, several nations provide a variety of procedures and cupping sets for the previously described treatment.

Cupping is based on a simple principle.

When a cup is placed on the skin and negative pressure is given to the cup, it is considered a kind of cupping therapy near me. Skin and superficial muscles are sucked into the cup during this procedure. A cupping set consisting of glass, bamboo, or silicone cups is essential for this kind of treatment, depending on the practitioner's preferred method. Acupuncture sites, as well as painful parts of the body, may all benefit from the use of cupping. Because of the simplicity with which it may be performed on the back, cupping is more often used on acupuncture sites on the back. Meridian theory is used to explain how the body works. The da hui and back shu points are often used by practitioners. However, cupping dissolves any blockage in the body and allows qi energy to flow freely via the meridians.

Cupping is a procedure

Glass cups of various sizes are often used in cupping. Cups made of silicone and bamboo may also be used. With a little hand-operated pump, the practitioner may pull out air without needing to heat the cups with any kind of fire source. Additionally, it gives them more control over the amount of suction strength that may be used. Massage oil is typically used to let the cups move more easily on the skin. Condensed quantities of medicinal herbs are very good for oils. At room temperature, the cups are placed in motion, which generates a mild but significant amount of heat, especially when heated oil is also used in the process. cups may be moved across the skin once the suction has been formed. To provide a sort of inverse massage, suction inside the cups causes the skin and the superficial muscle layer to be somewhat dragged into the cup.

Indications and contraindications may be summarised as follows

Acupuncture and cupping are usually combined in a single treatment session, however, cupping may also be done on its own at home. Relaxing muscles, stimulating blood flow, and calming nerves are all made possible by the cupping set the practitioner uses. Cupping may be used to treat a variety of ailments, including pain, digestive disorders, lung illnesses, and more. Before discussing the advantages of massage treatment, it's important to keep in mind that you should only work with a licensed massage therapist. It's vital to note that even if there are various adverts on the market today claiming that you can do it on your own with readily accessible cupping equipment, the proper understanding of the procedure is essential. Instead of providing respite to the body, it may inflict pain or even more significant injury. Cupping, when done correctly, is very safe and beneficial to your overall health.


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