A Candy Lovers Guide to Dental Hygiene

July 03, 2017, Billings Dental Care

A Candy Lovers Guide to Dental Hygiene
A Candy Lovers Guide to Dental Hygiene

Have you noticed how beautiful people become when they smile? If you haven’t then I suggest you look in the mirror and give it a try! A smile is a universal welcome; it simply tends to melt away the boundaries that might exist between people. Also, it is a great way of showing your confidence. It shows how much you believe in yourself and are ready to brave through anything.


Now to actually feel more confident and have a charming smile, I am sure you will want to have a pearly set of teeth. And there comes the impasse, especially for people with a sweet tooth. I mean for a person like me who just loves to have candies all the time, it is quite a job to maintain oral hygiene. But let me assure you it is not impossible. With a little bit of awareness and care, your teeth will last you your lifetime as they are meant to be.


I have tried to compress all the huge books of oral hygiene into a simple guide that will help you in your quest against the deadly decays and pathetic plaques. So, let’s begin our arduous journey.


Well the first line of business is brushing your teeth. Do it twice daily for at least two minutes. It should involve sturdy rigorous movements with the brush. If you brush in the night, then it’s a better idea to brush next morning after having your breakfast. This gives your brush something to clean, rather than just brushing for no apparent reason. Remember to change your brush as and when its bristles start bending. This helps in maintaining the effectiveness of the brush. Also, your toothpaste should contain good amounts of fluoride, which keeps your teeth healthy.


Flossing is another crucial thing. Do it at least once a day, preferably twice after brushing. This removes the food bits lodged in your teeth. This reduces bacterial attacks by over 50 percent. Mouthwash is also an effective way of reaching parts where the brush cannot. Also, it gives you a fresh breath to keep you happy. Trust me; your teeth will thank you later for it!


Now I know for a candy lover this is going to be hard to hear, but you need to. Gorging on too much of sugary candy and drinking sugary drinks will destroy your teeth. Probably you might even start losing teeth before you hit thirty! I am not telling you to quit on candies but it is certainly healthy if you can control what you are eating. Instead of a bar of chocolate, try to eat some fresh fruit. It’s natural and simulates a healthy immune system. You should also check some candy reviews to understand what you are up against! Perhaps you can try some sugar-free gum. It induces saliva which is teeth friendly.


There are some ways to predict your oral condition. They help you in initial identification of the problem, so that you can better deal with them. One of them is a dry mouth. It indicates poor saliva production and hints at bad oral health. Bad breath is another sure indicator of bad oral hygiene. These things might seem trivial but they are actually important. If you face any of these issues then you should go to your dentist at the earliest. You can prevent the onset of a bigger problem.


Now another important thing for a good set of teeth is a good dentist. Try to stick with the same dentist all the time as it keeps the dentist familiarized with your dental history. I realize those shiny dangerous looking tools might scare you away, but they are actually your best friends. Do not be scared to visit the dentist. Your dentist can only help you if you reach out. Go for a dental review at least twice a year. Always check your teeth for any blackish regions. If there are then immediately book an appointment and go get it checked out!

Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Keep smiling.


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