Dental Implants in Tijuana
Dental Implants in Tijuana
All information you should know after getting a new dental implant surgery.

Dental implants treatment aftercare

   Dear patient: Congratulations on your new Dentium Implantium Dental Implant, this implants are designed to last a lifetime, and proper care is essential to help ensure the longevity of your Dental implant.

After the surgery phase, you will experience some disconfort, our dentists in tijuana want your recovery to be as smooth and pleasant as possible. It is vital to follow these instructions very carefully, if you have any concerns or questions regarding your progress, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at  [email protected]  or also thru our Websites and  or by phone from Tijuana (664)6881086 from USA (619)488-4747 and (1866) 264-7756 we will very happy to help you!

do´s and don´ts after dental implant surgery:

Do: Bite down gently but firmly on the gauze that have been placed over the surgical area and make sure they remain in place. If active bleeding persists after 30 minutes, place another new gauze to obtain pressure over the surgical site for another 30 minutes. The gauze may then be changed as necessary (typically every 30 minutes).

Do Not: Disturb the surgical wounds, spitting, or touching the surgical site on the day of surgery. Do  not rinse vigorously and avoid Smoking, smoke will retard healing, causing increased discomfort and increased chance of infection. We strongly discourage smoking during the healing phase (at least 7-10 days)

Do: MOUTH RINSES, Good oral hygiene is essential to good healing, Keeping your mouth clean after surgery is essential. Use the mouth wash (bexident post) or (Chlorhexidine mouth rinse) as prescribed and gently rinse at least one minute each time, then spit it out, Repeat as often as you like, but at least two or three times daily.

Do Not: eat or drink after you have applied the gel (bexident post) on the surgery area for at least one hour.

Do: BRUSHING, Begin your normal oral hygiene routine as soon as possible after surgery. Soreness and swelling may not permit vigorous brushing, but it is extremely important to clean your teeth within the bounds of comfort. Maintaining a clean environment adjacent to the healing surgical wounds is required for optimum and speedy healing.


Do Not: Wearing your Prosthesis
Partial dentures, full dentures or any other forms of tooth replacement generally should not be used immediately after surgery. You will receive individual instruction regarding this in case you need it.

Do: If you have been prescribed medicine for the control of swelling, be sure to take it as directed. Swelling is a normal occurrence after surgery and will not reach its maximum until 2-3 days after surgery. It can be minimized by using a cold pack, ice bag in a towel and applied firmly to the cheek adjacent to the surgical area. This should be applied twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off during the first 24 hours after surgery. Unfortunately most oral surgery is accompanied by some degree of discomfort. You will usually have a prescription for pain medication. If you take the first pill before the anesthetic has worn off, you should be able to manage any discomfort better. Remember that the most severe pain is usually within six hours after the local anesthetic wears off, If antibiotics were prescribed, finish your prescription unless you experience adverse reactions or develop an allergy, in which case you should contact us. Not all patients and not all procedures require antibiotics. If you have been placed on antibiotics, take it as directed. Discontinue antibiotic use in the event of a rash or other unfavorable reaction. Contact us always if you have any question.

Do Not: Exercise after surgery, Exercise in the post-operative period may also result in increased bleeding, swelling and discomfort. Exercise should be avoided for 3-4 days following surgery, after the surgery you should only rest for the rest of the first day. Bending, lifting, or strenuous activity will result in increased bleeding, swelling and pain.

Do: Eat any nourishing food that can be taken with comfort. the first days intake to liquids or pureed foods (soups, puddings, yogurt, milk shakes, etc.)

About healing abutment: Following your surgery in some cases you will notice a small shiny button protruding through the gum tissue. This button is your implant healing abutment. In some cases, swelling may cover the healing abutment for a few weeks until the swelling subsides.  The healing abutment is a temporary part of your implant and will hold the gum tissue back from the implant until your dentist is ready to place the final crown. It should be cleaned daily with your toothbrush and bexident encias mouthwash. The healing abutment is only tightened to light finger pressure and may, on occasion, come loose or even fall out during the healing period. If this occurs please call the office and it will be tightened or replaced. Loosening or loss of the healing abutment will not damage the implant if it is addressed promptly. Failure to inform us of a loose abutment could cause infection or even loss of Dental implant if ignored

Do Not: Avoid chewing anything hard with your “healing cap” or a temporary tooth (in case you wear it). A healing cap is placed on the implant to allow your mouth to heal.. This will help the implant to heal safely in preparation for the next step of your treatment. Avoid extremely hot foods. Do not use a straw for the first few days after surgery. Avoid chewing food until tongue sensation has returned. It is best to avoid foods like rice, nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, etc., which may get lodged in the surgical areas. Over the next several days you may gradually progress to solid foods. It is important not to skip meals! If you take nourishment regularly you will feel better, gain strength, have less discomfort and heal faster. If you are a diabetic, maintain your normal eating habits or follow instructions given by your doctor. also Avoid alcohol, nicotine, coffee, black tea for the first few days after procedure.

Do: contact us, If  you experience increasing pain and swelling after dental implant has been placed, you must return to the office as soon as possible, so that we can ensure you are not beginning to develop an infection.

About The stitches: for implant surgery ussually are not dissolvable and need to be removed one or two weeks after surgery has been done, it is normal If they are uncomfortable or annoying but they should be not removed before (7-10 days) after surgery if that happen please contact us as soon as possible.

    once your stitches has been removed your implant is ready to heal on your natural bone, that phase ussually takes 12-16 weeks you just have to wait and you will be guided trough the next step to follow in order to attach your final restoration on your new dental implant.

Remember that Your case is individual, no two mouths are alike. Discuss any concerns or questions you may have with us, we will very happy to help you.


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