Effective Remedies to deal with Denture Pain

March 19, 2014, Solutions Dental Implant Centre

Effective Remedies to deal with Denture Pain
Effective Remedies to deal with Denture Pain
Denture pain is extremely common but it is treatable and preventable. A new set of dentures brings with them a certain amount of discomfort. However, there are several good remedies present right in your home that helps you deal with the pain.
Remedies from the Refrigerator
Figs are a great way to decrease some of the pain that results from a new set of dentures. They are extremely potent against mouth sores and are used extensively in the Arabian countries and the American Southwest. However, in order to utilize its maximum potential, you need to have sufficient time on your hands along with some degree of coordination and, of course, a fresh fig. As soon as you find the fruit, you need to cut it in half and set a single half in the area between your cheek and the sore region on your gums.  You might find it somewhat tricky to keep the fruit in place for an extended period of time and so you can distract yourself by watching TV or reading a book while the fig works its magic.
Soft foods are equally effective at reducing denture pain. During the adjustment period, it is best if you can subsist only on soft foods. Not everything needs to be mashed together into an unpalatable mess but you must try and consume soft, easy-to-chew food such as pastas, soups and stews. These are not only healthy and nutritious but easy on the gums. Chewing on hard food substances like pretzels and carrots can increase the risk of damaging the tender tissues present in your gums. You can try numerous items from dessert ranging from gelatin to pudding to applesauce.
Sink Trick
You may find it hard to believe but one of the most effective solutions for denture pain can be found right near your sink – soap. Once your teeth have been extracted and you have been fitted with a new set of dentures, you must make it a priority to keep your new teeth as clean as possible. If you allow excess bacteria to build up in your dentures over time, it may hamper the healing process of your gums. All you need is warm water, plain soap and a hand brush to reduce your pain by cleaning out your dentures. You must remember to scrub a minimum of two times a day and rinse well.
Spices as Remedies
Several spices have healing and curative properties that form a great defence against denture pain. Aniseed, for instance, serves as a soothing herbal mouth rinse and is ideal for sensitive mouths. You require 2 teaspoons of crushed aniseed along with 2 cups of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of peppermint leaves. You then need to cover and steep the brew for a period of 8 hours. Strain the mixture and add a tablespoon of myrrh tincture to it. This acts as a preservative and an antiseptic. For the purpose of rinsing, use 2 tablespoons of the mixture two times a day. You can save the rest of the rinse in a glass bottle. Shake it well prior to use.
Salt gargles can also help deal with denture pain. It helps prevent mouth sores during the initial adjustment period. It can prevent the development of infection or inflammation in the sore spots. Keep in mind that you need to rinse between every 3-4 hours. The salt water is effective for cleaning the bacteria out and shrinking the swollen tissue. It is also useful for the toughening of the tender tissue. Gargle and spit using the saltwater rinse at least twice in a day.


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