Why people choose invisalign over traditional braces

August 22, 2017, Grand Street Dental

close up of woman with invisalign
close up of woman with invisalign
A brief summary of the most common reasons people choose invisalign over traditional braces

Why people choose invisalign over traditional braces

If you have misaligned and crooked teeth, they are not only going to be unsightly but this makes it hard for you to clean your teeth as well. When you cannot clean your teeth well, you may develop periodontal diseases. This can lead to bone and gum damage or tooth loss. Wearing braces is the best way that you can align your teeth. However, using conventional braces is not attractive for many people and it can be painful and uncomfortable too. Adults are not happy to wear braces but now invisalign has become an alternative to the traditional braces.

The reasons why people are choosing invisalign over traditional braces


When metal braces are used, they make the mouth look unattractive and it looks as if it is filled with unsightly or awkward chunks of metal. They are easily noticeable mostly with adults and food can get caught within them so the wearer may not be aware of this. Invisalign is not noticeable and it is hard for someone else to know that you actually are undergoing a dental treatment and are wearing braces.


When needed, invisalign may be removed. When metal braces have been attached to the teeth of a person, then these have to stay in the same place up to the time that a professional removes them. However, invisalign can be removed easily. The wearer will remove them for some time to drink and eat.


The conventional metal braces have wires that can protrude and they may scratch or puncture the gums or insides of the mouth. However, invisalign is comfortable. They do not have sharp edges or even protruding bits or edges. Metal braces may affect the teeth and may cause decaying and demineralization. They use too much force for straightening the teeth but all these problems do not exist if you use invisalign. The clear braces reduce the damage that is caused by braces such as cavities or gum diseases.

Less wearing period 

A person who has invisalign can expect that the treatment will take about 5 years. However, with invisalign, the results can be achieved in just one year making them an obvious choice for most patients.



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