Tips on how to prevent tooth decay in children.

August 30, 2017, Langley Dental Practice

Tooth decay often result from bacteria that eats away the outer layer of your teeth. Failure to take care of your teeth can make your enamel to wear out fast irrespective of your age. What we grow seeing and doing has a great impact on the health of our teeth and the overall body health.

It is therefore very important to train your children to take up habits that will prevent oral health problems or any other body issues. In order to prevent the formation of decay on the children’s teeth, below are some of the major habits that they should take up.

Your child should always brush and floss at least twice a day.
Brushing and flossing regularly helps in removal of food particles that may be left in the mouth. Failure to do so will bring about the formation of plaque and the area will be very conducive for the growth of bacteria thus leading to tooth decay. Any oral health issue can be maintained by taking the steps of brushing and always flossing daily. Since the gum of your children is still soft, it is recommended that you should use a soft pad to remove any particles or plaque from your mouth. As the teeth start growing, clean them by use of soft tooth brush.

Give your baby healthy foods and take a lot of water.
The foods that you give to your kid should not only fight hunger, but it should also benefit him in enhancing the body health. For instance, ensure that you give your kid whole grains, vegetables as well as fruits. Also, you can give the baby cheese and milk as they are very healthy for the teeth and recommended by some of the most reputable dentists in Jacksonville. In case you give your children snacks or sugary foods, you should ensure that they rinse their mouth with plenty of water.

As your child approaches 12 months, you should ensure that they take a lot of beverages. Plain water is recommended during the night. Water plays a great role in maintaining the health of your mouth.

Take proper care of the teeth and gums of your child.
Saliva contains a lot of bacteria and if you do not take proper care of your mouth, these bacteria may grow in numbers thus eating away the enamel of your teeth. As a parent, you should avoid by all means to share your spoon and other utensils with your child as the risk of transferring bacteria from your mouth to theirs is very high. The baby’s pacifier should also not be cleaned using your mouth.

By taking the above three tips into account, you can rest assured that your child will gro with strong healthy oral hygiene as well as the overall body health.


Lucio Brady
Lucio Brady - United States

Hello, thanks for this comprehensive article. It clearly explains why tooth decay occurs and how can someone prevent it. One of my children love chocolates and has a tendency to not brush. I’m currently brushing with him to set an example. This seems to work for now.

11 September 2017


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