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May 05, 2014, Smileys Dental Care

Dentistry is said to be the study or oral issues and especially teeth. It sometimes consists of conditions related to face and jaw area. It is said to be a branch of medicine but can also work in the area of cosmetics. It is always important to have dentistry for the whole family who knows the history and common problems related to oral issues faced by your family. The problems with teeth are sometimes related to genetics too.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This term is normally used when any type of dental work is done just to improve appearance. There are different types of surgeries done in this context like whitening which is the most common one where discoloured tooth are bleached and made white. There is a process called as tooth reshaping where part of the enamel is removed just to make the teeth appear in proper shape and position.

False teeth is been placed in areas where teeth is missing. To improve the shape of the gum line a procedure called as gum lift is done. You can do any type of cosmetic dentistry with the offers available at dentistry for the whole family as you will get good treatment at a reasonable and affordable price.

Effects of diabetes on oral health

It is seen that people who have diabetes get oral infections than non diabetic people. It is essential to have dentistry for the whole family who will have a detail about your family history and problems. It is been proved that diabetic patients are more tend to have an oral infection.

As the individual who suffer from diabetes has a low level of body’s resistance to infection they suffer from gum problems especially gingivitis. They always have a risk of tooth loss if they don’t take proper care of their oral hygiene.

Dental Restoration from dentistry for the whole family

Dental Restoration is dental filing which is used to restore the function and structure of a missing tooth. It is also stated as the method of replacing the missing tooth structure. It is categorised in two type direct method which is normally the filling done inside the tooth and indirect method is said to be the outer covering which is done on the tooth. The materials normally used in filing is gold, silver, cobalt, nickel etc. It can be done with the consult of dentistry for the whole family.


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