Peri Implantitis
Peri Implantitis
Our NYC Dental Implants Center only uses top quality dental implants from Straumann (Basel, Switzerland). It’s the largest and most advanced dental implant company in the world. Dr. Navid Rahmani is an internationally recognized, Board Certified Periodontist and NYC top rated dental implant specialist. All dental implant procedures are performed in our Midtown Manhattan dental center.

Without treatment, the dental implant may become loose in a matter of weeks. Saving a badly infected dental implant does require more extensive treatment and may not always be successful. As a NYC periodontist, Dr Rahmani is the very best doctor to treat this type of gum and bone infection and this will give your dental implants a greater chance of survival.

What is Peri-Implantitis?
Peri ImplantitisIt is impossible for dental implants to become decayed like natural teeth as they are made from inert materials. However patients often overlook the fact that they are surrounded by living tissue which includes gum tissue and bone.

Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory condition that is extremely similar to gum disease, where the gum tissue and bone around the implant becomes infected and inflamed.

It can cause the gums around the implant to shrink, and the bone surrounding the implant may begin to break down. Ultimately this condition can lead to the loss of the implant.

Symptoms of Peri-implantitis
Initially you may notice the gum around the implant looks a little red as healthy gums are pale pink.

If you take a closer look then you may notice the gum tissue that comes into contact with the implant crown has a red edge. This gum tissue may bleed whenever you brush or floss.

The gum tissue may begin to look swollen and could have a smooth and shiny appearance whereas healthy gum tissue has an almost stippled appearance like the surface of an orange.

Your gums may feel a bit sore whenever you brush and eventually the gum tissue and the bone will shrink away from the implant, gradually exposing the metal part of the implant post.

Without treatment it is likely that you will lose the implant or that it will need to be removed.

Gum around the implant looks a little red
Gums may feel a bit sore whenever you brush
Gum tissue that comes into contact with the implant crown has a red edge
Gum tissue may begin to look swollen
Metal part of the implant post exposed

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