Scaling and Root Planing Procedure
Scaling and Root Planing Procedure
If you visit your dentist regularly then you will be familiar with regular dental cleanings. These are great for keeping teeth and gums healthy and in good condition, and your normal dental cleaning is a preventative dental treatment. It’s quite different if you require scaling and root planing procedure at this is a more specialized procedure that helps to treat periodontitis or gum disease. It is a treatment often used by Dr. Navid Rahmani to help clear up the gum infections and it often forms part of an ongoing periodontal maintenance plan.

Scaling and Root Planing: How Might It Help You?
Scaling and root planing procedure deep cleans your gums, taking things much further than a normal dental cleaning. With an ordinary dental cleaning, only your teeth are scaled and polished, but with scaling and root planing, tooth roots that have become exposed are also thoroughly cleaned. As a side effect of gum disease, the gums gradually begin to pull back from the teeth, causing gum recession and exposing the tooth roots. This also creates deep pockets in between the gums and the teeth that can be very difficult to keep clean. The aim of scaling and root planing is to thoroughly clean out these pockets, helping the gums to fit more closely to the teeth as they gradually heal and become stronger.

During scaling and root planing procedure, your teeth and tooth roots are carefully scaled, removing any tartar buildup. Afterwards the exposed tooth roots are planed or gently smoothed, a procedure that helps to make it easier for gum tissue to heal by making it harder for bacteria to stick to the smooth surfaces.

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