Reasons why you should go for teeth cleaning every six months.

February 02, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Teeth cleaning is one of the reasons that you should have regular dental visits. There are many reasons why regular dental visits are recommended and one of the major reasons is the fact that they reduce the risk of getting infected with teeth related illnesses such as tooth decay, gum diseases, tooth cavities or even oral cancer.

Below are the main reasons you should go for teeth cleaning at least once in every six months.

The dentists are able to detect and sterilize early infections.

Do you often bleed when you re flossing or brushing? The blood is not normal and that a symptom that you have an infection. There are situations where you may brush as it is recommended that it twice a day and fail to have a cavity but ongoing for dental cleaning, you find that there is some bleeding and this is also a symptom that there is an underlying infection. Normally, mouths do not bleed and it does not necessarily have to be caused by cavity problems. There are a lot of fluorides in tooth gels and brushes and in the long run thee brings infections. Going for regular cleaning ensures that any infection that you may be having is sorted out.

You avoid bad breath.

In addition to detecting and treating infection, this is one of the major reasons why you need to undergo cleaning. By cleaning, a dentist can sort out your bad breath issues and in the long run, you are able to improve your confidence. The bad breath is usually a smell of an infection and it’s unfortunate that most people do not notice the smell in themselves.

A dentist is able to remove any biofilm and calculus.

Biofilm is a colonizing bacteria that usually forms in your mouth and it sticks to the surface of your tooth. Apparently, it is the same bacteria that is found in the human waste. This sticky bacteria makes other organisms to remain on the surface of the teeth for a longer period of time. By going in for a dental cleaning, the dentists are able to remove it using the right dental tools. In many times, a patient can feel the bacteria with the tongue.

Regular dental cleaning ensures that your teeth are always white and pretty.

White teeth is one of the things that build the confidence of a human body. A smile says a lot about an individual and by regularly going for dental cleaning, the dentist is able to remove any available plaque which often becomes stained. Removal of plaque restores the white nature of the teeth but even if you feel that they are not white enough, click here to learn about the whitening procedures offered by many dentists.



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