What is the procedure of Dental Fillings in Dubai

December 18, 2021, Dynamic clinic

dental filling
dental filling
A dental filling is a type of therapeutic dental treatment used to heal tiny fractures or deterioration in the teeth. Read more below.

What are Dental Fillings, and why are they needed?

A dental filling is a type of therapeutic dental treatment used to heal tiny fractures or deterioration in the teeth.
A dental filling in Dubai can assist in levelling out the tooth's surface and enhance jaw function for biting and eating. Many patients with tooth decay also have tooth sensitivity owing to enamel loss, which can dramatically address the insertion of a dental filling.

Why dental fillings are needed?

Dentists often use dental fillings to cure tooth decay. Without fillers, issues might arise, leading to tooth loss. If you wish to enhance your oral health, you should be aware of the significance of dental fillings and why they are utilized.

Avoid Tooth Decay

We require Dental fillings to stop tooth decay after it has begun and to keep the tooth intact. Fillings strengthen the tooth's structural integrity and help restore biting function. In addition, the filling can keep the tooth from slipping out.

Maintain Your Laughter

Many breakthroughs in fillings have been developed, allowing a range of choices to be accessible when a filling is required. You may keep your smile by using a porcelain filling. This is the same color as the adjoining teeth so that it does not stand out. The porcelain fillings are virtually unnoticeable, allowing you to smile and speak with confidence every day.

Relieve Pain or Discomfort

Porcelain or composite fillings can relieve pain when you ignore cavities by shielding the nerves and filling up the region where decay occurs. You can resume eating cold or hot meals and beverages without fear of developing sensitivity due to the present pollution. A sealant can place the teeth to preserve the plaque and prevent decay from developing in the future.

Prevent Infections

One of the primary advantages of ionomer dental fillings is the prevention of infections. This can occur if germs in the mouth reach the tooth's pulp, putting your health in danger. When the pulp becomes infected, the tooth dies and finally falls out. The infection can potentially spread to other teeth and other parts of the body, causing severe sickness. If the root becomes infected, you will need a root canal procedure.

Planning and Consultation

The initial stage in the dental filling treatment is to evaluate the patient's teeth to determine the best course of action. A dental filling is most appropriate for mild fractures and deterioration; additional forms of restorative dental treatment may be required for more complex situations, such as a dental crown or implant.
A dentist might use a dental probe and caries detecting solutions to inspect teeth to check troublesome regions. Doctors can also utilize an X-ray to get more specific information about the location and degree of the deterioration.
There are numerous materials suited for a dental filling that may fill and seal a cavity, preventing future damage to the tooth caused by decay. The material utilized for the filling, for example, can vary, such as direct composite bonding, porcelain, glass ionomer, silver amalgam, or gold inlays. The best option will be determined by individual circumstances such as the location of the cavity, the patient's medical history, cosmetic demands, financial availability, and desire.

Procedure of dental fillings in Dubai

The initial stage in the dental filling technique is to inject a local anaesthetic, which numbs the region around the damaged tooth, boosting the patient's comfort during the operation.

The decaying or damaged tooth and surrounding regions should be prepped for repair next. To remove the damaged components of the tooth, a dental handpiece or laser may be employed. An acid gel is utilized to clean the area to remove any remaining bacteria or debris. The cavity is filled by applying the filling material to the site.

The placement of a composite filling necessitates the isolation of the affected tooth; this is done to avoid any interference by allowing moisture in the bonding process of the composite restoration. Doctors will place various adhesives in front of the composite material to allow this to happen. The complex material is then hardened using a special bonding light.
Finally, the final tooth may be polished to bring the dental filling operation to a close.


When the dental filling treatment is finished, the dentist should spend some time with the patient discussing how to avoid decay beneath or around the filling. These techniques will also help prevent decay in other teeth.
Patients must be recommended to follow good oral care practices, such as brushing their teeth with chloride toothpaste twice daily, flossing, and using an interdental neater daily. Fluoride mouthwashes can also help people at high risk of additional decay.
Some individuals at high risk of caries may benefit from a sealant put over the molars at the rear of the mouth to reduce plaque accumulation and decay in the region.
Follow-up sessions are occasionally necessary to monitor the progress of the tooth with the filling and to receive frequent expert cleanings.

Cost of dental fillings in Dubai

The typical cost of a dental filling without insurance will vary depending on the dentist's fees, the kind of filling material used, the number of surfaces that require sealing, and any additional treatments needed. A filling should cost between AED 200 and AED 600 on average, but it might cost up to 4,500 depending on your specific case.


Tooth fillings assist dentists in repairing cavities so that they do not worsen into more significant dental issues in the future. Fillings can heal cracks and fractures in teeth and fill microscopic holes caused by tooth decay.
Tooth decay, if left not treated, can lead to significant complications. Your dentist can devise a preventative strategy to ensure that root canals or tooth extractions are never required.
Understanding the significance of dental fillings can help you avoid delaying treatment for tooth decay for too long. You will obtain the appropriate filler and will be able to keep your teeth in good condition. Please don't put off getting a dental filling; call us immediately to schedule an appointment.


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