What is the tooth implant procedure

February 21, 2018, Dr. Zwier

What is the tooth implant procedure
What is the tooth implant procedure
A description of tooth implant and what is the purpose of such procedure.

What is the tooth implant procedure?

Dental implants are meant to support false teeth or a single tooth. They are made with titanium screws and replace the root of a tooth that has failed. Just like the root of the tooth, it is put in your jawbone.

How long will your implants last?

Dental implants are a safe and well established treatment. When you take care of your implants as well as your teeth, they will last for a longer period. How well you care for your implants and going for regular maintenance appointments ensure that your implants last long. When the bone is strong and healthy, and the implants are well cared for, then you will have them for a long time. However, you must understand that just like other surgical implants, it does not offer you a lifetime guarantee.

What are the implants used for?

The dental implants can be used to replace one or more of your teeth. This could be just one tooth or the complete set. The use of implants also depends on the health of your jawbone. Your dentist will check to see if there is enough bone in the implant area. If you do not have enough bone or it is not healthy, the implants cannot be used before a graft.

At times, it is easier to use a dental implant rather than take out the tooth. This is usually done under a local anesthesia. You will not feel the pain of an extraction but there might be some discomfort in the first week after your implant surgery.

How long does the procedure take?

Your dental team will give you a rough time table before your treatment begins. Your false teeth can be fitted with implants right away. Some treatments take longer though and your dentist will let you know how long the treatment takes.

You will be given painkillers after your surgery and you must stay at home for some time after the surgery. You will also be instructed on the best way to take care of your dental implants. Once they have been fitted, it takes some time for your jaw to grow and fuse with the implants.


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