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January 22, 2022, Nordend Zahnarzt

Implantologie in Frankfurt
Implantologie in Frankfurt
Food is among the vital necessity of human life but the choices of food one makes can make an impact on their health. Oral health is equally important as the physical or overall health of a human being. It is dependent on the food we consume on daily basis and the bacteria which will impact our oral hygiene can also be an essential factor for many other chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc

The sugar and starch-filled foods that we all admire in a way or the other can greatly affect our oral health and can lead to tooth decay and other oral diseases. To maintain that healthy smile, brushing twice along with flossing daily just won’t be considered enough.  There are certain foods listed below that should be avoided to maintain that lovely smile which can be either stained or turn sensitive by the overconsumption of these food groups.

Sugary Drinks:
Some of the drinks we consume are very acidic and can be a potential factor for the sensitivity in your teeth which can ultimately lead to the damage of the enamel layer which provides a protective layer to your teeth. Furthermore, drinks having a high amount of sugar content can cause bacteria to damage your teeth.

Due to the high level of sugar and chewy nature, these candies get stick to your teeth and if not removed properly and timely, they can cause infections, bacteria, and cavities.

Since crackers and chips are highly starchy and can quickly convert themselves into sugar leading way for bacteria which can cause cavities. Moreover, it is quite possible that these starch elements can get stuck in your teeth and if not looked after with brushing and flossing can lead to dire repercussions.

Tea and Coffee:
Drinks having caffeine as their prime ingredients are one of the most important elements of hurting that healthy smile. Over-consumption of caffeine can dim the whiteness of the teeth causing them to appear stained and yellowish over time.
In contrast to the food groups mentioned above, certain groups that have been advised to be consumed and termed as best for our teeth;

Dairy products:
Dairy products are considered to be enriched with calcium and protein so the consumption of various dairy items like cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. reinforce enamel and protect the teeth from decay.

Food groups having a higher fiber content enables the flow of saliva which aids in the prevention of bacteria and further helps in fighting decay. Food items such as spinach, beans, kale, etc. are considered beneficial for our oral health.

An apple a day keeps the doctor but could it be a dentist too? Apples are excellent for the cleansing of teeth and can help in getting rid of bad breath. Since Apple is fibrous, it cleanses the teeth by removing the food particle. Moreover, its little acidic nature kills bacteria causing bad breath.

In case of the poor hygienic practices, one might lose a tooth as a result of the decay which has been happening for a long time caused by the consumption of the food groups highlighted above. Dental implants are seen to be an effective way for individuals having missing teeth and can aid in the restoration of the smile which could have been compromised due to cavities. Bone replacement material is normally seen to be used within implantologie in Frankfurt by European manufacturers.

Tooth decay is still quite common in the modern world despite the developments made in the field of oral care but with the advent of dental implants, it became easier to cope with the effects of decay. Dental implants have many advantages such as it is durable, enhanced appearance and speech, etc. Despite the advantages, the cost of the procedure can’t be overlooked. The cost is dependent upon several factors which are the material used, the quantity of implants required, and the costs of laboratory testing. If one might want to ascertain the cost of their implantology in Frankfurt, a non-binding appointment with the implantologists who can further aid in the process and the costs involved.


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