Can crowns and bridges restore your smile

February 27, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Losing teeth can lower someone’s confidence and esteem. However, this is not a big problem anymore because there is a solution to restoring smile by use of dental bridges and crowns.


Dental crowns are used to cover teeth which are damaged by cracks, breaks, or discoloration. On the other hand, bridges are used to fill in gaps when you have a missing tooth healthy.

Below are the three most common strategies applied by a cosmetic dentist to restore a smile.

Flexible denture bridges
Flexible bridges are an energizing new advancement for the individuals who are worried about the expense. A flexible extension will cost not as much as a large portion of the cost of the past, customary bridge. The gadget comprises of a Flexible, plastic material giving the missing teeth, which is formed to an individual sense of taste specifications. This fascinating bridgework/fractional slides into the mouth and looks precisely like the encompassing normal teeth. It is effectively expelled and cleaned. The gadget can last up to 15 years as it is not effortlessly broken. Flexible dentures are a critical expansion to remedial dentistry.

Dental Implants
Many individuals today are thinking about implants to bridge dental gaps and create the feel and strength of natural teeth. Embedded teeth require a dental practitioner prepared in this forte and a group of collaborators to propel the venture. It is imperative to be healthy for the procedure.

A layout of the range to be bridged is created first. A surgical procedure is done by an experienced dentist in Maple Ridge to put the titanium insert screws underneath the gum and against the bone. Following two to six months, the implants will be solidly joined through common bone development. By then changeless projections are joined to the implants, which can bolster one or numerous teeth. If you are thinking about extension work for missing teeth, please contact our dental specialist today.

Crown bridge attachment
This attachment is used when the teeth that are net to the affected tooth are healthy.Parts of the teeth should be removed and crowns set, generally the connection of the extension will wear away the characteristic lacquer in time.

Setting this up sort of bridge by an accomplished dental practitioner takes no less than two visits. In the first visit, the adjoining teeth are readied and brief crowns are appended. Impressions are made and changeless crowns are created. On the second visit, a reputable dentist will follow the perpetual crowns and append the new bridge. This sort of extension will last from five to seven years. The most compelling motivation for extension disappointment is that pits show up on the supporting teeth. Poor oral cleanliness is a noteworthy reason for the disappointment. The teeth under the extension must be brushed and flossed consistently.


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