Restore the Natural Feel of Teeth with Crowns and Bridges

May 22, 2014, Smileys Dental Care

Dentistry is no longer limited to the science of curing dental problems. Today, dentistry has given people a wide number of options to improve the way their teeth look even when they have not been presented with naturally beautiful teeth or have lost natural teeth because of an accident. Dental bridges and crowns are one such option.


Opt for dental crowns and bridges in anthem


Bridges and crowns play an important role in the construction of a perfect looking set of teeth. When tooth or teeth go missing, the resultant void may create complications. The immediate complication is the drifting of other teeth. Actually, when the person chews, the other teeth tend to move from their place towards the direction of the void. In this way, the entire set of teeth may assume an unsightly view.


In order to prevent it, it is important that missing tooth/teeth be replaced with dental crowns and bridges in anthem as soon as possible. Another problem that a person with missing teeth may face is improper speech. The void allows excess air to escape, which may result incoherent speech. With bridges in place, the person will never feel any difference in the way he/she speaks. These dental materials also prevent a host of other illnesses mostly related to digestion, which may occur because of lack of the ability to chew properly.


What is a crown?


Crown is an artificial cap, which is put on the top of a natural tooth. If a tooth is severely damaged, the crown covers the entire tooth and acts as its protective cover. Apart from a broken natural tooth, a discolored one can also benefit from the use of a crown.


What is a bridge?


A dentist uses a bridge when one or a series of teeth are to be replaced. A bridge is equipped with an artificial tooth/teeth and two crowns known as abutment teeth. These crowns are fixed on the natural teeth that are situated on either side of the missing tooth/teeth. When a bridge is properly cemented, it can stay that way for over ten years.


How to take care of teeth after having crowns or bridges


For gaining long lasting benefits of dental crowns and bridges in anthem, brushing teeth twice a day is imperative. Flossing is also necessary, as it ensures that the crevices of the teeth are clean of food particles. Seek assistance from your dentist regarding oral hygiene, as he will be able to show you the correct techniques for brushing and flossing.


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