How to increase conversion in a dental email marketing campaign

March 06, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Starting a dental clinic is one of the best achievements for the dental students. It is a very promising career and its success depends on your skills, personalities, etiquette, among many other things. The way you treat your clients can determine how frequent they will be and also if they will refer their friends.


Before you can even be careful on how you treat your clients, the question in every dental practitioner is how to get as many clients as possible. This is where dental marketing comes in. there are several ways of marketing your dental practice and one of the most effective ways is the use of email marketing.

How do you make email marketing effective?
Dental email marketing takes more than what meets the eyes. There are many people who conduct email marketing campaigns that are actually dead on arrival. They are not effective at all. The main agenda for email marketing is to increase the conversion rate for your content as that outlines the kind of services that you offer. In order for your email marketing to be as effective as possible, one of the most reputable dental SEO services providers advises on the following as some of the major ways that you can increase the conversion rate for your email marketing campaigns.

Optimize your emails for mobile devices.
With more and more people gaining access to mobile devices each day, companies have started running mobile marketing campaigns. If you, as a dental practice is eyeing at running a marketing campaign, you must have a design which is mobile friendly. According to research, more than 49% of email campaigns are now being opened on mobile devices, more than 88% of the mobile email marketers are losing potential customers because they have not optimized their emails for them to be run on a mobile device. Your email marketing campaigns should be compelling enough so that they do not get cut off when viewed on smaller devices.

The subject line should be catchy.
There are many email subscribers who rarely open the whole message by just looking at the title. In order to create a proper positive impression, you should create an email subject that will boost the rate of opening the email content. You need to keep your subject short and descriptive. Take time to research on the best email title that will prompt your patients to open the email.

Your email should be brows-able.
According to research, there are more than 80 emails sent and received by consumers each day. There are not many people who will read the emails if they are so long. Your message should be short and direct to the point. A message that is focused increases the chances of the receiver clicking it.


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