Cosmetic Dentistry - Various Procedures Available for Getting the Excellent Smile

May 22, 2014, Smileys Dental Care

Perfect smile is your right. Even if you are not born with it, you can easily acquire it with the help of the best cosmetic dentist in orange country. Dr. Paul Athanasius is immensely qualified and has the most advanced skills for correcting the dental problems. Natural teeth lose their brilliance due to a number of reasons. Accidental injury, illness, age, and food preferences can cause stains, breakage, and chipping of tooth or teeth. Here is how the best cosmetic dentist in orange country will provide you with the most appealing smile.

Teeth Whitening

Yellowed, stained, or darkened teeth never work in your favor. In fact, they act as a hindrance to achieving more success in your social relationships, career growth, and better self-esteem. Genetics, antibiotics, beverages, and some food items mess with the natural shine of your teeth.

Sparkling white teeth lend a glow to your face that makes your life happier. You exude confidence and positivity. By taking the teeth whitening treatment, you can get stain-free pearly whites very fast. The dental doctor will enlighten you about the various whitening systems available. When you get this treatment done under the supervision of the best cosmetic dentist in orange country, you will receive the most effective, safest, affordable service.

Porcelain veneers

Worn down, chipped, fragmented, unshapely, or gapped teeth are best handled with porcelain veneers. These porcelain coverings are very thin, tooth-colored materials. Since they reflect light just as the natural teeth do, they are not discernible. Before placing the veneers on your teeth, the dental doctor will discuss the procedure and the result with you in clear terms. This discussion will establish if the procedure would meet your expectations. Once you are ready to go ahead, an x-ray of the affected tooth/teeth will be taken.

Tooth bonding

Dental bonding is another fine method for masking the unpleasant aspects of the teeth. In this procedure, the dental doctor applies resins to the affected teeth. The tooth-hued resins bond nearly permanently with the teeth and do not fall off or chip at all when they are supervised by the best cosmetic dentist in orange country in a scheduled manner. Tooth bonding is used when there are cavities to be filled, gaps between teeth to be narrowed, discoloration to be treated. It is also sought for giving protection to a tooth root that has been exposed due to the receding gums. For determining if bonding is suitable for you, the dental doctor will perform an examination of the affected area. 


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