Aesthetic Dentistry Crowns and Veneers Help Perfect Your Smile

March 14, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Aesthetic dentistry helps people obtain a perfect smile by addressing several dental issues. Crowns and veneers are popular solutions to rectify some of these tooth concerns such as:


• Discolored tooth
• Chipped tooth
• Spaces between teeth
• Discoloureddental filling
• Cracked tooth
• Crooked tooth

Crowns and veneers serve the same purpose of correcting a tooth structure, but their technique and application differ. They improve a person's smile by covering the unsightliness of the teeth and provide strength to a week tooth.

Here are some similarities and differences between crowns and veneers-
The Tooth Company TM, a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Hyderabad, uses crowns and veneers made of either Ceramic or Zirconia. These materials are used for their strength, durability, ability to resist stains and remain aesthetic. These materials also resemble natural teeth color providing a natural look to the smile and face. They can be matched to the desired shade.

A crown is also known as a dental cap, covers the entire surface of the tooth by encasing the whole of tooth circumference.

A Veneer is also known as a Laminate, is a shell shaped thin sheet which covers only a part of the tooth usually a single surface.

Crowns are used to provide strength, restore damaged teeth and for aesthetic changes.
Veneers are largely used change the shape and colour of the front teeth for aesthetic reasons.

Nonetheless, for both the applications the teeth must be prepared to allow the prosthesis to fit properly and allow proper hygiene maintenance.

Matching the colour of the teeth with the crowns and veneers is a challenging task for the dentists.

As compared to crowns Veneers need sufficient tooth structure to bond with it. In case the tooth structure is not adequate, crowns are the best options instead of veneers.
The fixing of veneer on the teeth is an intricate and delicate task that requires deft hands and critically observant doctor to carry out the procedure impeccably.

Dental restorations mean different thing to different people. For some people, dental crowns are the best solutions and for some veneers render a more valuable tooth treatment. Since the application of both, crowns and veneers are different, the way they look after the procedure too is different.

Skilled dentists at The Tooth CompanyTM clinic provide extensive consultation to the patients about how each component is different. The patient is also provided with a post-treatment mock-up. Depending on the consultation, you can take a call whether you want a crown or veneer to beautify your teeth and get a perfect smile to adorn your face.

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