Why Dental Cleaning is Essential Twice a Year to Keep Your Teeth Clean and Healthy

March 16, 2018, Healthtabloid.com

Image Source: Askthedentist
Image Source: Askthedentist
Despite what a lot of people think, a person’s dental health has much to do with their overall health.

Despite what a lot of people think, a person’s dental health has much to do with their overall health. Achieving optimal dental health and hygiene is therefore important for a number of different bodily functions, which means that failing to take care of your teeth on a regular basis can lead to a variety of different issues and concerns.

Fortunately, you can effectively avoid and prevent a number of different health concerns by taking proper care of your teeth, mouth and gums. In particular, booking in for regular teeth cleaning and dental examinations is a sure way to keep your teeth looking good and feeling good while also keeping on top of any potential damage or disease.

In addition to saving you time and money by targeting minor issues before they become major problems, here’s why booking in for teeth cleaning with your local dentist twice a year is important. 


Prevent Gum Disease

In cases of poor hygiene and infrequent teeth cleaning, gum disease or periodontitis can occur. If you’re suffering from swollen or tender gums, it’s likely that you’re experiencing gum disease that needs to be treated by a professional dentist. When you routinely visit your local dental clinic for teeth cleaning, you minimise the chance of gum disease occurring and having an impact on your everyday life. Gum disease is particularly important to keep on top of, as it can lead to other dangerous concerns like heart and lung disease. If you think you may be suffering from gum disease or you may be at risk of developing it, get in touch with your dentist to organise a teeth cleaning appointment.

Eliminate Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss

Tooth decay, also commonly referred to as a cavity, can occur when acidic bacteria lives in your mouth and strips away at your teeth, negatively impacting your overall health as a result. Many different factors contribute to tooth decay and tooth loss, from trauma and bad eating habits through to poor teeth cleaning and maintenance habits. It’s especially important to routinely book in for dental teeth cleaning if you suspect a cavity, as decay can eventually target the pulp of your mouth containing sensitive blood vessels and nerves. Regular teeth cleaning with a dentist will help avoid a build-up of dangerous bacteria so you won’t have to worry about losing teeth.

Improve Your Breath and Hygiene

As you’ll know from cleaning your own teeth at home, teeth cleaning can assist in improving your breath and oral hygiene. But unlike the clean that you can achieve with your toothbrush, professional teeth cleaning is far more thorough and can successfully target hidden plaque, leaving your teeth feeling extra fresh and clean. This also allows your dentist to look for signs of any diseases or illnesses that might have to be addressed. There are often issues with a person’s teeth that they can’t identify themselves, but when your dentist identifies these soon enough, you can avoid needing invasive and expensive dental work. If there’s a problem hiding in your teeth or gums, your dentist can tailor a dental solution for your specific issue and help you achieve optimal hygiene.



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