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April 02, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

One stop denture shop carries nothing but the latest trending denture supplies and denture odds and ends, so you’re purchasing your favorite items all in one place in the comfort of your home!


One of the best denture adhesives that we currently carry is our, Thermoplastic denture adhesive.

This thermoplastic denture adhesive replaced the discontinued brand Cushion Grip back in 2015 and continues to be one of the most popular denture adhesives out today! Comfort Lining has been comforting the gums of denture wearers now for 3 years and the product is still going strong.

If you’re not into thermoplastic denture adhesives, One Stop Denture Store carries Fixodent and Super PolyGrip of all types’ powder, pastes and denture strips. Other products this store carries is denture cleaners tablets such as, Polident Efferdent and other knock off brands to accommodate the denture wearers. Including a Sonic denture cleaner with batteries included and self-soaking denture baths.

If you’re not a denture wearer don’t worry, this one stop store carries other dental needs as well!

Denture numbing ointments and creams include Benzodent and Orajel for those unwanted mouth sores. What makes this online denture store better than others? One Stop Denture Shop will take recommendations for products, if they do not carry your certain product they will find it for you!

Not to mention their fast free shipping, they offer one and two day shipping and free shipping for all U.S. customers.

So what are you waiting for? Visit One Stop Denture Shop at


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