Dental Assisting Program Need and Benefits

April 13, 2022, Langley Dental Practice

Dental Assisting Program Need and Benefits
Dental Assisting Program Need and Benefits
Dental Assistants play a pivotal role in dental clinics. They are responsible for running the clinic smoothly and ensuring that the patients are treated emphatically so that they are relaxed before their surgery.

After dentists, dental assistants are usually the key people who take care of the clinic in their absence and see that everything is maintained as per the dentist's standards.

If you are an aspiring Dental Assistant and want to know more about Dental Assisting Program and the future outlook of this field as a career, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we share the four most significant benefits of a career in dental assisting.

It's an in-demand career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the opportunities in this field are going to grow in leaps and bounds. To be precise, an 11% growth rate is predicted in the employment of Dental Assistants from 2020 to 2030, much better than the National average for other jobs, making this job role quite appealing and opportunistic in the long run.

Important Responsibilities

As a Dental Assistant, the broad set of your responsibilities will be consistent, but the job duties will vary as per the office’s requirements for that particular day.

While one day, you might have to keep the dental setup ready for a patient’s dental procedure, and the next day you may be scheduling patients’ visits or preparing for x-rays.

It offers a great sense of satisfaction for people who love taking care of other people as a career.

Training is Seamless, Quick, and Flexible

Your dental assisting program training may be over before you even know it. Unlike other medical fields, the training program does not take years to complete.

Schools such as AAA SoDA have a dental assisting program, which you can complete in just 90 days.  The teaching program is quite intensive and helps students achieve industry standards with hands-on clinical experience.

Good Remuneration

In the dental field, you can expect a good salary even at an entry-level job experience after completing your dental assisting training, unlike other careers. As you grow more in the field, of course, your potential of getting higher remuneration also increases.

Moreover, it also offers a better work-life balance than other medical careers.

AAA SoDA 12-Week Dental Assistant Program

At the AAA School of Dental Assisting, speed and efficiency are the two most significant components of the 12-week dental assisting course. Its fast-track and speedy curriculum help the students get the Florida Board of Dentistry approved in as little as three months.

By the end of the program, the students become proficient in dental assisting and other expanded functions. With its comprehensive approach to learning, the school encourages more in-depth hands-on training, interactive lectures, and classroom experiences.

Studying at AAA SoDA will also guide them throughout their first professional placement as a dental assistant in a real-life dental setup. So, if you plan to strengthen your capabilities and expand your career opportunities, then AAA SoDA is the platform for you – catering to your mental and financial growth.

The 10-week Dental Assisting Program by AAA SoDA will make your transition into a dental assisting career easy and seamless. AAA SoDA also offers assistance in getting tuition aid if required.

The class timings are flexible and can be based on your schedules. It is an industry-based training program with the Florida Board of Dentistry Approved Certification.

The AAA SoDA Dental Assisting Program will also help you gain exposure to a network of dental professionals, better employment opportunities, and better rewards as you keep growing in your career. 


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