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A denture is a form of orthodontic treatment used for replacing missing teeth. It is one of the most common and cost-effective methods of tooth replacement. Although designed to be durable, dentures are still not as strong as dental implants or natural teeth, so they can be damaged.


Dentures can become crooked or broken when you bite into hard substances or accidentally drop them. In this case, you will need to get them repaired as broken dentures can lead to oral issues like; irritated gums, sores, and difficulty with chewing and speaking.

What is denture repair?

This is the process of restoring broken or misaligned dentures. These repairs are usually carried out by skilled dental laboratory technicians with guidance from a dentist. If you’re looking for denture replacement near me, we recommend looking at reputable local companies with good recent reviews.

Signs your dentures need to be repaired

Ignoring loose or broken dentures is never a good idea as they can lead to several more serious conditions. Below are some of the situations where you might need to get denture repairs.

Broken dentures - even with proper handling and care, accidents do happen, and you can find yourself with a broken denture. When this happens, it is important that you do not try to fix it yourself using any form of an adhesive or over-the-counter kit, as this could make it worse. Your best bet would be to visit the nearest denture repair clinic to get them fixed.

Looseness - although proper care can make your dentures last long, it is still possible for them to become loose and uncomfortable with time. When this happens, you can have them readjusted instead of replacing them.

Types of denture repair

Rebasing - this involves replacing the entire base of the dentures to make them more stable. This type of repair is usually carried out for cracked dentures and dentures that have been in use for a long time.

Adjustments - this is very common for repairing dentures that have become loose over time. The dental professional makes some minor adjustments to help them fit your teeth and function better.

Relining - the gums and soft tissues in the mouth tend to undergo certain changes over time, and this could affect the way dentures fit. Denture relining is used to help your dentures fit with the slight changes to your gums and soft tissues.

How much does a denture repair cost?

The price of getting your dentures repaired usually depends on the severity of damage to the denture and the type of repair you are getting. It is recommended that you talk to your dentist about the nature of repairs and payment plans that best suits you.

Why you shouldn’t repair your dentures by yourself?

Although there are several at-home denture repair kits sold online, and over the counter, it is always advisable that you get a professional to do the repairs for you. This is because these at-home kits only offer a temporary fix, and if not done properly, they can lead to other serious issues. For a more effective and permanent solution, a dentist or dental technician is the best option. A dentist/dental technician will ensure that the dentures are repaired perfectly and properly adjusted to your teeth before you leave the dental clinic.


A broken or damaged denture doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. With denture repairs done by a professional, you can have your teeth looking good as new.


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