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May 01, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Here at Comfort Lining we’re doing a massive makeover and adding brand new products in addition to our online store for your convenience!


We know for a fact that not all denture wearers feel comfortable nor have the means to physically visit a local store/pharmacy for their dental/denture care and needs, so we’re stepping up to take their place and bring the everyday denture products that you love straight to your door in the comfort of your home.  We are now in the process of carrying all of the popular denture brands on our website/s. You may now freely purchase your Thermoplastic denture adhesive along with all other denture items.

Some of these newly added products  include Denture-Baths, Denture-Toothbrushes, Denture Tablet-Cleaners, Sonic Denture Cleaners, Biotene dry Mouth-Wash, Benzodent gum Numbing Ointment/cream, New Denture Wearer Kits and many other helpful products for dentures and make sure to take advantage of our FREE shipping within the U.S. and our sister store

If there is a personal item of your choice that we do not currently carry, please email us with your suggestions, at or
For all other questions, please feel free to contact us via phone (855)8-DENTUR (833-6887) or Text (607)223-4594


Please take this $10 off coupon code below for your next order on Comfort and use it freely at your convenience as the coupon code will never expire.

Comfort Lining and One Stop Denture Shop


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