The Downsides of Teeth Whitening Procedure

May 07, 2022, Pearl Shine Dental Clinic

The Downsides of Teeth Whitening Procedure
The Downsides of Teeth Whitening Procedure
We all love having a bright, beautiful smile. A whiter smile looks stunning in selfies and makes you smile more at parties.

We all love having a bright, beautiful smile. A whiter smile looks stunning in selfies and makes you smile more at parties. It also boosts your confidence and makes you look tidy and clean. But your teeth might not be as bright as they used to be in your childhood. Is that right? That’s the case majority of the time because of our eating and drinking habits. You may stain your teeth if you drink and eat foods that stain and don’t clean your teeth afterward. Once your teeth look yellowish, it’s common to head to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. This procedure is a valuable investment and helps your smile look great. But at the Castaic dental office, our dentists educate you about each side of the story. While you might be aware of the benefits of teeth whitening, here are some downsides of the treatment that you should know.

What’s bad about Teeth Whitening?

Let’s look at some of the side effects of teeth whitening treatment:

Sensitivity after the procedure

It’s common to face sensitivity or pain after the teeth whitening procedure. That’s because whitening treatment contains bleaching agents, which makes teeth sensitive. After the treatment, you might feel discomfort as you eat or drink foods with extreme temperatures. But the good news is that this downside is not permanent, and it subsides within a few days. In most cases, you won’t feel any discomfort at all. But if you do, use desensitizing toothpaste to reduce sensitivity.

Not for severe discoloration

Professional teeth whitening is effective in removing most stains. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have milk-colored teeth after the procedure. Some stains will stay and may require many sessions to remove them. If your teeth are severely stained, cosmetic bonding might be the right choice for your teeth.

Not safe when done at home

Teeth whitening procedure is completely safe when done by the dentist. But if you’re doing it via at-home whitening strips or toothpaste, avoid extended exposure. Bleaching agents can damage tooth enamel if applied for a longer duration.

Temporary results

The teeth whitening procedure gives quick and drastic results. But it isn’t a permanent solution to your staining teeth. Your teeth can become stained after the process if you don’t care for them. Usually, the results last from a few months to a few years. But this largely depends on how well you take care of your dental hygiene and what foods you eat. For long-lasting results, make sure to follow your dentist’s instructions.

Not covered in insurances

Teeth whitening is generally not covered by your insurance provider. That’s because they only cover medically necessary treatments. But to make this procedure affordable for everyone, many dental offices provide discount plans and promotions. Consider talking to your insurance provider and dentist before going for the treatment to avoid surprises.


It’s essential to understand the procedure completely before going for it. This way, you will be prepared for it at every step and make an informed decision about your dental health. For more information or assistance, please contact Smiles Forever Dental.



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