How To Write Essay About Dental Work To Get Rid Of Your Fears

May 16, 2022, Dental Plus

As a dentist, you might be struggling with fears associated with your work. Though this is likely less common than having patients who are terrified of dentists, there are still dentists who have fears about their jobs. A good solution to this situation is to write an essay about your feelings and thoughts on the matter. It can help you successfully overcome any fears you have about your work. Hence, here’s how to write an essay about dental work to get rid of your fears.

#1 Identify Your Fears

First of all, you will need to identify your fears. What exactly is it that terrifies or scares you about your work? Is it the fear that you will mess up and damage your patient? Are you scared that you will lose your job for some reason? Do you think you aren’t qualified enough to perform your job well?

Whatever it is that you are scared of, you need to recognize it and note it down. You can’t write your essay before you understand what it is that you feel so strongly about. By identifying your fears, you are making the first and the most important step on your way to getting rid of them.

#2 Make an Outline

Next, you will need to make an outline of your future essay. An outline is necessary to guide you and give your essay structure. It is a way to organize your thoughts before you start writing about your work, your thoughts, and your feelings.

If you are struggling to create a comprehensive essay, you can always seek professional help. Hire an experienced writer from the custom writing site Trust My Paper. An expert writer will be able to guide you and explain to you how to make the most of your outline and then use it effectively when writing your essay.

#3 Collect Information

Then, you will need to collect relevant information. As a dentist, you already know what dental work is all about, but you might still want to get some additional information on the subjects that you are most interested in.

Doing such research and collecting information will help you better understand the topic and fully express your thoughts and feelings. For instance, if you are scared of losing your job, try to find statistics on job loss in your industry. This way, you will have a more objective picture of how likely you are to actually lose your job.

#4 Remember Your Patients

Before you start writing, it’s also a good idea to remember your patients. As scared as you might be of your job, there are patients coming to you regularly who are even more terrified of getting dental work done.

You can also hire an experienced writer from the writing services company site Supreme Dissertations who will help you create a customer survey. This way, you can collect feedback directly from your clients and understand what they feel when they are coming to you to get dental work done. Understanding their perspective will give you a different point of view on your job.

#5 Write Your Essay

Now that all the preparations are completed, you can write your essay. Utilize the information you collected and remember your patients. Try to stick to your outline as closely as possible, but don’t be afraid to stray away from it a little.

It’s a good idea to set a word limit – or, on the contrary, a minimum word count you should reach – so that you don’t write more than needed. Treat this like an exercise in your own writing abilities as well as a way for you to overcome your fears.

#6 Proofread Your Essay

When you finished writing your essay, proofread it and correct any mistakes you find. These can be linguistic mistakes or even factual ones. You could be already writing when in college, so you should have some experience with the process. But if you are lost, you can always use a professional tool like Grammarly that will help you proofread and edit your essay faster.

#7 Get Feedback

Last but not least, show your essay to other people you trust and get feedback on it. They can help you address your fears connected to your work and eventually overcome these fears. Don’t be afraid to confide in your loved ones like your friends or family members, but you can also approach your colleagues. If you want to get professional help, consider going to a psychologist.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s not that difficult to write an essay about your fears and eventually overcome them. Use the tips and techniques in this article to help you write your own essay about dental work and successfully get rid of any fears you might have as a dentist. Everyone deserves to love their job and be enthusiastic about it!


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