Taking care of your teeth after an Invisalign treatment

May 08, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

In an year, there a many numbers of people searching for the best ways on how to better their smile. A smile can be affected by various factors such as stained teeth, gaps, crooked teeth and/or uneven teeth.


Each of these issues has treatment and you only need to talk to your dentist about it. For the uneven teeth, there are two treatment options, that is, the use of braces or Invisalign. While each of these options has their pros and cons, Invisalign has become the best-preferred method of aligning the crooked teeth.

Made of a clear plastic, Invisalign is modeled to fit your teeth and it is virtually unnoticeable. After undergoing the Invisalign treatment, it is important to take excellent care of your teeth. This will facilitate the look that you have been desiring to get. The following are some of the best ways to take care of your teeth and retain a great smile.

Use of retainers.

Based on your situation there may be need to use retainers. Retainers should be used as directed by your dental practitioner. They are important in preventing the teeth from going back to the original position. When using retainers, you should avoid eating crunchy hard foods for a few weeks so as to give your teeth some time to adjust. For the younger children, the retainers should be used until the wisdom teeth are extracted. Properly using these retainers will ensure that you not only have even teeth but you will enhance your smile.

Brush and floss regularly.

Brushing and flossing regularly arguably take care of most of the oral issues that an individual experiences. Flossing helps in plaque removal which would otherwise cause lots of gum diseases and other oral disorders. After undergoing iInvisaligntreatment, the gum may be quite sensitive for a one or two weeks and to reduce the sensitivity, it is recommended that you should rinse your mouth with warm, salty water.

Also, due to the sensitivity of your gums, it is recommended that you should use a sensitive toothpaste in order to get through the transition. If you are unsure on the toothpaste that you should use, your dental practitioner can recommend the best one for you.

Ensure that you have regular dental checkups.

Even after you are done with the Invisalign treatment, it is important that you should regularly have dental exams. Undergoing professional cleaning ensures that your gums and teeth are at their optimal health. Regular dental visits ensure that any problem that is noted with your teeth is properly taken care of while in the early stages.

By bearing in mind of the above three tips, you can rest assured that you will have strong healthy and even teeth that will enhance your smile.


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