The Benefits of Dental Implants

August 05, 2014, Pat Crawford DDS

Why are dental implants automatically the first and standard choice when it comes to restoring or replacing bad teeth?

The next best thing to having solid teeth is a close to natural replacement which dental implants provide. Known for being solid and stable, dental implants restore lost teeth with the goal that it would look, feel and fit much like a regular tooth. Other known alternatives for teeth replacement are prone to break due to bone weakening and may interfere in regular activities involved in the mouth such as eating, smiling, talking etc. Here is a short list of different benefits that you can get out of having dental implants.


1). Dental implants are built to last for a long time. They are not just temporary replacements but are in it for the long haul. A dental implant is expected to last for a lifetime as long as it is properly placed and well taken cared of while other alternatives for dental implants are only expected to last for 5 up to 10 years.


2). Having dental implants make you feel secure as if you are still having your own set of natural teeth. You would have no fears or whatsoever that the implants would fall off while you are doing regular activities because they are firmly placed on to your dentals.


3). Your facial features stays the same despite having dental implants. There are times when a person’s face slightly changes due to placement of additional dental fixtures but with dental implants you can be assured that your look will stay the same.


4). Dental implants are designed to support bones that support the teeth and also prevent the possibilities of suffering from bone loss. With other alternative for implants, the bones aren’t stimulated causing the foundation holding the tooth to eventually collapse.


5). There is no need for dental implants to be removed from your mouth whenever you go to sleep. The implants are kept in place and can be trusted to remain in there despite different temperatures and mouth activities.


6). Having a dental implant does not interfere in the way you are able to speak and pronounce words. You will not suffer any form of slur from it as well.


7). You can go eat anything you want even with dental implants installed in your mouth. From ice cream up to your favorite hot noodles, dental implants can withstand varying temperatures from food that you eat.


8). The possibility of having tooth cavities is impossible with dental implants because there is no chance at all for cavities to be developed in replacement teeth. You just have to regularly clean the dental implants but you cannot any form of tooth cavities or suffer pain from it.

Nothing really compares to healthy natural teeth but sometimes damage to the oral health is inevitable that is why we have to resort to dental procedures such as having dental implants installed to replace original teeth. Having dental implants is a way for us to enjoy our dentals despite losing some teeth.



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