What Should You Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

May 09, 2018, Dentistry

What Should You Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening
What Should You Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

In modern dental clinics, various teeth whitening procedures are used. The main two methods are conservative and reconstructive.

Conservative method of whitening assumes only strengthening of natural brightness and whiteness of teeth. The teeth do not undergo mechanical action. To the varieties of this method can be attributed professional cleaning of teeth. The reconstructive method of teeth whitening is more diverse but primarily consists of chemical whitening.


Chemical Whitening

Chemical whitening of teeth enamel gives a good result which lasts for one year. During the procedure, active oxygen is used, it starts oxidative processes and reduces the degree of pigmentation. As a result, the enamel becomes lighter by several tones. However, this procedure can be used only if your teeth have no artificial inclusions, otherwise, the whitening may be heterogeneous. In addition, the natural color of the teeth is important. For example, yellow enamel is perfectly brightened by chemical whitening, but if you have gray or brown enamel you won’t get any effect at all.


Photo Whitening

There is also a photo whitening option, in which chemical processes are activated in the dental tissues under the influence of light. Photo whitening can be laser or infrared, which is best for you? Only your dentist can make that appointment.


Why are people afraid to whiten their teeth?

A few decades ago, solutions for teeth whitening procedure were often illegal and carried a serious danger - they damaged enamel, exacerbated sensitivity and spoiled the mouth cavity. However, in modern dentistry, only high-quality ingredients are used, so the possibility of such side effects is excluded. Do not believe the various horrors or rumors about whitening, but you should have a consultation with a professional dentist and he/or she will choose the method of whitening, which will be the best option for your enamel.

Safe and effective teeth whitening should be performed by qualified specialists, so don't do experiment with your smile. You can visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Brooklyn. It's a great clinic, where only professionals work. There you will have a full consultation and get the answers to all your questions about teeth whitening.


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