6 Signs You Might Need Dental Implants

May 09, 2018, Billings Dental Care

6 Signs You Might Need Dental Implants
6 Signs You Might Need Dental Implants
Signs to get those teeth firm and bangin’

If you’ve lost any of your teeth earlier, you’d be familiar with analyzing options for getting them replaced in different ways. Well, if you are still unsure of whether to get dental implants done on your pearly whites, then fear not, as we are bringing you not one, but six different signs to look out for, indicating your visit to the dentist!

1. Be Self-Conscious No More.
Anyone would tell you that missing teeth aren’t really an asset to have. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, it can make one extremely self-conscious and can even be made fun of. People with dental gaps or so are often faced with ridicule as it ruins their ability to smile confidently and the facial appearance. Cases like these can make people even shy away from social situations and can cause their self-esteem to hit rock bottom. If you choose to go towards the dental implant path, you will be left with a natural looking replacement that blends together with the rest of your teeth.

2. Your Teeth Have Shifted.
So, you may not know this but one of the major consequences of a missing tooth is that the rest of them tend to have a groovy shifting party and are likely to move around between the gap that is now present. This is may not sound so bad at first but what you must also know is that it can give rise to another bucket of problems. It can cause issues like risks of gum disease, an uneven or misaligned bite, and uneven wear and tear in the mouth. Now, to the point, what a dental implant does is, it fills in the gaps or spaces that have been created due to the missing tooth, in order to support the other teeth and prevent them from shifting around or moving.

3. You Can’t Enjoy Your Meals to The Fullest.
Another mishap that occurs when you miss a tooth or two, is that most of the time you will probably not be able to chew properly. The normal everyday tasks of biting or chewing can become really bothersome or act as a chore and can even be painful at times. You will probably want to shift to food items that are soft or bland in nature to ease the pain, stripping your body of nutritional value which is never a good habit. When it comes to dental implants, you won’t have to worry about it too much. When completely healed, the implants will allow you to enjoy your food comfortably, with no pain whatsoever. You can indulge in your favorite foods and get back to your regular diet.

4. You’re Looking for Something Permanent.
One of the best things about dental implants is that it provides you with a solution to your dental concerns, once and for all! You don’t have to worry about having to pay for something with average results again and again. Prosthetics provide you with only temporary results and not only that, but they can be bothersome and difficult to maintain. Dental implants on the other hand are placed via surgical procedure and firmly placed with no signs of coming out whatsoever. They are good for the health of the jawbone. If you’re still concerned head to kadalidental.com - dental implant specialists who are able to guide you further on the subject.

5. Your Face Seems Sunken In.
From the lack of stimulation, your underlying jawbone can deteriorate. Due to the lack of your jawbone caused by your missing teeth, your face starts appearing quite “sunken-in” as well as your prominent facial features. This can lead you to having an aged look which obviously, not many people want to have. Dental implants can be done to stimulate the jawbone well, ridding you of this problem.

6. Broken Teeth.
If you have a tooth that has been faced with injury or is just plain broken and beyond repair, dental implants are of some help. They are able to fix it better than any other procedure for these cases.


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