How to Choose the Best Dentist in Stafford VA

July 05, 2022, Robert Chang DDS Pasadena Dental Doc

How to Choose the Best Dentist in Stafford VA
How to Choose the Best Dentist in Stafford VA
There is more to dental health than just strong teeth and healthy gums. You need a reliable dentist who offers services well-suited to your oral needs.

Therefore, finding a good dentist is essential. Generally, people look for dentists they can rely on for years to come, possibly for generations. But before you choose a dentist, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are looking for a dentist in Stafford, VA, keep reading this blog. We have mentioned tips for choosing the best dentist in Stafford, VA.

Steps to Find the Best Dentist in Stafford, VA

1. Ask People Around You For Referrals

You can turn to the people you trust to suggest a dental clinic, preferably one based on their patient experience. Take suggestions from friends, families, colleagues, and even your oral healthcare providers. They will suggest a dentist they feel most comfortable with, which is an important aspect. Moreover, they can also give you an idea regarding the services and treatment plans.

2. Take Suggestions from Other Medical Professionals

You can ask your physician or any other medical professional you are in touch with to recommend a dentist. They need dental care too, and they might be familiar with many professionals. Therefore, take their referrals into your consideration as well.

3. Check the Dentists Listed Under Your Insurance

Your insurance company might have a list of dentists that will accept your insurance. Find the dental offices near you, and make a list. Don’t pick a few dental offices; go through the list and select multiple options you can narrow down later. Affordability is a key aspect to consider when picking your dentist.

4. Research Online

Nowadays, you can pretty much find everything on the internet. Thus, you can research dentists near you and list them. Check their patient’s reviews, as they tend to be detailed and based on personal experience. This is another source to make a list of potential dentists.

5. Narrow the List With Online Research

You must have a list of dentists by this step. Start researching each online. Google the clinic and check online reviews. See what their patients have to say about them.  In addition, dig deeper by checking their credentials, especially if they have board certification. This way, you will know that the dentist has the skills, experience, and training to pursue or work in general dentistry. Moreover, keep an eye out for any malpractice claims or disciplinary actions in their records.

Evaluating Your Dental Visit

You will have a long-term relationship with your dentist; therefore, comfort is one of the primary things you should look for. Call and schedule appointments with the dentists you have selected and are considering from your list. This appointment or visit should help you determine who fits your criteria. Therefore, make sure to be attentive and notice the following:

1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential, especially when it comes to your healthcare. Scan the office to see if everything appears to be neat. Moreover, see if the equipment and surfaces in the equipment room look clean. A place where your mouth is getting treated should be hygienic and sanitary. Also, the dentist and his staff should wear gloves and protective gear during examinations and procedures. Moreover, you can even inquire them about their cleaning procedures. Since your health is concerned, the dentist will be more than happy to satisfy and reassure you.

2. Communication

What kind of reception did you receive? The ideal dental staff will be helpful and cooperative. You should feel comfortable communicating with them, as you might visit them often in the future. Moreover, dentist-patient communication should be smooth. Reflect on how you felt during the appointment.

3. Ask Them Questions

Make sure you cover everything while questioning them, and they should be able to answer you adequately. You should definitely ask about their office hours, as convenience is critical. Moreover, it should be easy to reach from home and work. You should also ask about the following:

  • Education and training. Where did they receive it?
  • Approach to preventive dentistry.
  • Certification regarding anesthesia; which one can they administer during the procedure to help you feel relaxed?
  • Arrangement to handle an emergency outside of office hours. Will they refer a colleague or emergency referral service if they are unavailable to treat an emergency?
  • Fee and payment plans; you can try asking for estimates on procedures like cavity filling, cleaning, examination, etc.
  • Policy on missed appointments
  • Communication. How can you communicate in case of an emergency? How will they contact you regarding your next appointment? Do they give reminders of a follow-up?

What Should I Do?

Choosing a good dentist is essential. Thus, follow the steps and look for convenience, qualifications, affordability, comfort, and communication when landing on a decision. Ask others, research,  and use your instincts to get started or resume on the road to oral care.


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