Planning To Get Dentures

May 12, 2018, Astoria Dental Spa

How amazing it sounds that a set of false teeth can look just like the real thing. No need to worry even if you lose all your teeth because dentures are here to help you.

They are custom made replacements for your missing tooth. They are natural looking and comfortable. They help in improving your appearance and smile by protecting your facial muscles to not sag it also helps you in eating and speaking more comfortably. When you have dentures you can tell people that your teeth are just like stars as they come out in the night. I don’t know if you found that funny or not but let’s be honest here they really do come out in the night as you remove them before sleeping. Remember that famous line said by the king of Hollywood Clark Gable “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” He said that with the set of dentures. Today these are used by a large number of people of all ages to improve their appearance.

There are mainly two types of dentures - partial and full that your dentist will help you choose the right one depending on whether some or all of your teeth need to be replaced.

• Conventional full: These are placed in your mouth once any remaining teeth are removed and your tissues have been healed. Healing can take several months till the time you live without teeth.

• Immediate full:  Your dentist may insert immediate dentures at the same time your natural teeth are removed. By inserting immediate denture you don't have to live without teeth while your jaw is healing. Soft tissues take maximum 8 months to heal while bone can take many months to heal completely. The healing process can make your gums and bone shrink so you need to replace your immediate dentures after few months. Once your jaw is completely healed conventional can be used.

• Partial: These rest on a metal framework that is attached to your natural teeth. Sometimes crowns are placed on natural teeth and it works as anchors for the denture. These are removable.

Get immediate dentures Astoria in case complete extraction of teeth not available. In Astoria there are many educated and professional dentists that can guide you about the procedure in detail.

It takes time to get used to something new so is the case with dentures you may feel little uncomfortable and you may be advised to wear them as much as possible for first few days to help your mouth adjust. You will be advised to remove them before going to sleep to give your gums some rest.

Tips for caring for your dentures:- They are delicate and should be handled with care as they can break if dropped. Don’t let them dry out place them in solution or in plain water when you are not wearing them. Never use hot water. Brush them daily as brushing can prevent it from getting stained. Brush your gums, tongue every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you insert your dentures.

Some common denture problems:

You may feel difficulty while speaking so you should practice speaking in private when you get new dentures. Try reading aloud from newspaper or book until you feel comfortable. You will notice that occasionally your dentures slip out of position this can happen while you smile, laugh or eat. With time you will learn to hold them in your mouth with the muscles in your cheeks.

At first, it may feel difficult to eat as you bite down or chew your dentures may slip out to overcome this problem start with easy to eat foods and after some time with practice, you will be able to eat all the food that you ate before you had dentures. The last problem that you may face is cleaning problem, you may feel that you are not cleaning them properly or damaging them which is actually avoidable.


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