Things Your Dentist Would Never Dream Of Saying To You

May 16, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

No one likes going to the dentist. Sure, with higher quality anesthesia, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and background music that makes you think you’re at the beach, it’s better than it was fifty years ago when dentists’ drills sounded like they were going for oil in Odessa.

But there are still some things no dentist, except Dentist Leicester, will tell you.

You Don’t Need To See Me Twice A Year

Oh really? If you’re like most, you see your dentist every six months, just like those cheesy appointment reminder postcards which come in the mail tell you. Seeing the dentist every six months means everyone has the same risk for gum disease and cavities. But if you look at the typical middle-class population, most are not at risk for decay and gum disease. Several studies support that view, but a 2013 survey by the American Dental Association reported just over 50% of the American population had visited a dentist within the previous six months.

Metal Filings May Be Leaking Toxic Waste

Most filings used today are amalgams, a blend of silver, mercury, and tin. Amalgams leak mercury vapor, which passes into the bloodstream at around ten-micrograms a day — four times what the typical person consumes in their daily diet. To avoid amalgams, request a resin filling. They are a little pricier, but they are safer.

I Care About Your Smile More Than I Do Your Teeth

Over recent years, the country’s oral health has improved. Tooth decay in children has dropped by 15 percent. Only 25% of adults — those over 60 — have lost all their teeth, which is down from 33%. Dentists are attributing the improvement to fluoridation and better oral hygiene.

No Human Should Have Teeth This White

An explosion of teeth-whitening products has been stocked in drugstore aisles and each promises ready-for-TV smiles. Some dentists fear the long-term effects are unknown.  “No one knows that is being removed from the tooth,” reports the staff of Dentist Leicester. “It is possible bleaching removes something from the tooth you may want later.”

When I Say This Won’t Hurt A Bit…

The ADA says dentistry today is painless. Dentists are turning to everything in their toolbox to make patients comfortable. What’s wrong with avoiding pain? A boost in the use of sedatives and anesthetics means a higher risk of complications. The more you lose consciousness, the riskier it is.

Flossing Is Seldom Bad For Your Teeth

Bacteria left between teeth lowers the mouth’s pH where the enamel starts to break down. While it is easier to link one habit to another, many dentists tell patients they don’t brush. Floss in the shower, floss while watching TV or doing, well, pretty much anything — except driving.

Brush Your Teeth Before The Dental Appointment

For the love of everything holy, do NOT eat just before you go to the dentist. They are human beings and get no particular thrill from picking food out of your teeth. It’s gross. Don’t do it.


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