What is the Newly Launched Primeprint 3D Printer

August 04, 2022, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

Primeprint 3D Printer
Primeprint 3D Printer
Primeprint is a high medical grade 3D printing system that encompasses two containment modules.

As new dental technologies go, efficiency is the key. In a world full of dental complications and the need for more cost effective and efficient solutions, Dentsply by Sirona has come to save the day. And with the help of Functional Aesthetic Dentistry in Summerlin, Primeprint has now arrived to the Las Vegas Valley. While I may sound a little hyperbolic over the latest dental technology. I believe you should follow me and see why Primeprint benefits both the dental practice and you as a patient. 

3D-printers have gone a long way. Today, the latest release of Primeprint is a clear sign that Dentsply by Sirona has taken the leap towards a more professional standard. A standard that raises the bar for both the patient and the dentist. Professionals like Dr. Suffoletta in Las Vegas, NV understand the importance of bringing the latest technology to their patient’s local dental practice.

Primeprint Uses and Purpose

Primeprint is a high medical grade 3D printing system that encompasses two containment modules. One module is of printing and the second is for post-processing. It was built to be highly automated and provide a sophisticated end-to-end integration system.

It allows both dentist and dental technicians to delegate patient requirements for 3D-printing and processing. It creates a near seamless system that takes the user from consultation and imaging to printing and post-processing. All withing minutes and all while providing results that are both reproducible and provides accurate results. 

A 4 Step Process that Makes the Difference! 

• Step 1 is the preparing of the file. With little time taken, the dental technician or dentist can quickly and accurately prepare a proper files needed prior to submitting to the Primeprint for processing.
• Step 2 requires you to prepare the 3D printer with the correct materials needed for the current patient objectives. This all depends on whether you’ll need to develop a surgical guide, a temporary crown or any of the other options materials were created for. Then the machine may run it’s printing course.
• Step 3 moves the 3D printing process further along its course into post-processing. This encompasses a multi-washing system, which enables a pre-wash, followed by a final wash, air drying and a curing process.
• Step 4 is the finalization process where you put the finishing touches by separating the 3D-printed material from its initial printed mold. This allows for a medically safe product that is precise and accurate from start-to-finish.

What are the Material Applications and Intelligent Management? 

The Primeprint system was pre-built to be user-friendly, color-coded for each material application and RFID capable. The RFID support allows the two units of material cartridge and 3D-Printing material unit to integrate and act as one unit. Allowing the user to have readily available data on the status of the printing cartridge prior to executing another dental unit. Whether it is for a temporary crown, a bite splint, a working model or more. 

Below is a list of the available materials and their use. 

• 3D printed bite splint
• A Working model, a control model or a situation model can all be created.
• Duplicate models
• Surgical Guides
• Individual impressions tray
• Temporary anterior and posterior tooth restorations
• Dental lab molding objects

The interoperability of the Primeprint system with other third party applications such as a CAD/CAM system allows for a seemless transition and upgrade into a more effecient business model. The patient services and the patient benefit from this newly enhanced business model. 

If you're a patient in the Las Vegas, NV or Summerlin, NV area, give us a call to see what your dental issues are and to provide a solution and treatment. Our dental team can take care of my oral problems. We've provided a list of them below. 

• General Dentistry
• Same Day Crowns
• Same Day Implants
• Root Canal
• TMJ Treatment
• Laser Frenectomy
• Gum disease Treatment
• And Oral Cancer Screening

Our dental cosmetic services include:

• TMJ Injections
• Teeth Whitening
• Dental Veneers
• Orthodontics
• And Crown Lengthening


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