Understanding the Healthcare System in Northern Ireland Workshops

August 19, 2022, Crawford and O brein

Human Health Project (HHP) is now accepting registrations for our workshops.

Would you like to be heard, learn how to navigate the healthcare system, and find essential information to empower you to take action and ownership of your care plan?

Would you like to be an patient or caregiver who is proactive and uses technological tools to seek information about your health? If the answer is YES, do not wait any longer! Please register below for one of the workshops.

If you have any questions, please email workshops-NI@humanhealthproject.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As part of HHP’s philosophy of collaboration, we are committed to partnering with local community health groups and associations to support quality improvements in healthcare, better population health and lower costs for all stakeholders. At HHP, we are excited to work with partners in this new program by promoting the sharing of best practices and allowing the dissemination of information and data worldwide.

HHP works in partnership to deliver patient advocacy training and case management which can be stand alone or integrated with the other elements of HHP IMPACT, Real-World Data and Learning Academy. HHP provides Advocacy Training and a Case Management System which included feedback and monitoring and outcomes and impact data.

This program is for patient and caregivers who are:

  • Coping with a new diagnosis
  • Struggling to manage an existing condition such as a chronic disease
  • Interested in improving the quality of care they or their loved ones receive
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a fragmented and complex healthcare system
  • Trying to decide between treatment options and which one is appropriate for their situation

The Learning Academy is designed for anyone interested in becoming an empowered patient, empowered caregiver, patient advocate, or those seeking to understand patient engagement and patient-centered care.

Throughout this program, participants will learn key concepts to help better navigate the healthcare system. Tools, information and support will also be provided to help patients feel more confident when facing complex life-changing decisions.

Patient-Driven Data & Diagnosis

Patient-driven data is an essential component of the health care ecosystem. It informs research, diagnosis, and treatment decisions, as well as enabling patients to take control of their health outside their doctor’s office. This course will highlight how patient data provides insight for other patients and improves the patient experience of those who have similar symptoms and conditions.

Healthcare is fragmented, and this adversely impacts quality, cost, and outcomes. For example, doctors and practitioners typically don’t have knowledge of each other’s medicines and the broad range of treatments available. Additionally, due to the rapid growth of technology and online resources, the amount of health information has increased exponentially. The abundance of information available has made it much more difficult to find the information you need. Knowing who to trust in a sea of commercial health resources can seem almost impossible.

These are significant problems, and that’s what HHP’s Real-World Data program is about. We provide independent, unbiased information from our community, including all types of medicines, to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Participate by sharing your experiences or learning about how others manage their health conditions.




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