5 Emergencies That Need Immediate Dental Care

October 04, 2022, Sher Dental

5 Emergencies That Need Immediate Dental Care
5 Emergencies That Need Immediate Dental Care
Having an emergency dentist on contact is essential, even if no one plans to ever need them.

Having an emergency dentist on contact is essential, even if no one plans to ever need them. While the discomfort from some dental emergencies may be mild, others can be excruciating. It might be challenging to know exactly what to do in the case of a dental emergency, so it's wise to have a plan in place.

A first aid kit and the number to your dentist's clinic in case of an emergency should be part of your strategy. Time is of the essence in a dental emergency, so it pays to be prepared.

There are numerous common dental emergencies. There are five instances where a patient may require immediate dental care:

1. A tooth was broken or knocked out

If you have fractured a tooth and want to keep it, you should do it in milk. If a tooth is knocked out entirely, the best thing to do is to place it back in its socket. This should be done as soon as possible until you can visit a dentist.

2. They have persistent oral discomfort

When you're experiencing severe tooth pain, seeing a dentist is your best option for getting relief. The dentist can diagnose the problem and provide the much-needed relief by removing the source of the discomfort.

3. Oral bleeding is uncontrolled

In the event of uncontrollable bleeding, a visit to the emergency dental clinic is required, regardless of the cause. Before the scheduled session, the patient should stop the bleeding by applying light, steady pressure to the wound.

4. A dental cap dislodged from their mouth

Some people feel discomfort when their crown slips off, but not all do. Until the person can get to a dentist, a small quantity of petroleum jelly applied to the crown's interior will serve as a temporary seal.

5. They bit their tongue or lip

A visit to an emergency dental clinic should be considered if the injuries to these two locations are severe, mainly if they are deep, jagged, or gaping. A small degree of alleviation can be achieved by applying mild pressure to the region. See a dentist immediately if bleeding persists beyond 10 minutes is advised.

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