The Sealing Of Fissures In Children

May 24, 2018, Dentistry

The Sealing Of Fissures In Children
The Sealing Of Fissures In Children
The Sealing Of Fissures In Children

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to provide 100% caries prevention. But such service as the sealing of the fissures and deep pits, offered by the modern dental clinics, can significantly increase the protection from this disease. Especially important for children, whose teeth are only forming and have less resistance to the diseases.

What are the fissures on our teeth? These are deep pits, cracks and other signs of the uneven surface of the back teeth. The incisors and fangs have no such relief. This surface is difficult to clean properly. Plaque gathers in the pits and bacteria starts multiplying there. This leads to the caries appearance.

How exactly are those pits sealed? They are filled with the special sealant that makes the tooth surface smooth and does not leave places for the bacteria to gather. The mouth hygiene becomes more effective. Such services exist for children and for adults too.

What are the components of the sealing procedure?

• Removal of the plaque and food remnants from the surface of the tooth.
• Drying of the tooth surface by full isolation from saliva.
• The hygiene of fissures.
• Filling the fissures with liquid sealant.
• Radiation to make the sealant hard.
• Removal of the sealant’s excess and the polishing of the tooth surface.

In adults, the procedure is held the same way as in children. The price of it is quite affordable. It does not bring any discomfort or painful feelings. That is why children usually are not bothered very much by it and stay calm during the process. The procedure is not longer than teeth in an hour and is available in multiple dental clinics.

The sealant stays on the surface of the tooth for a couple of years. It does not mean that during this time you can be sure that the teeth of your child are safe. Regular visits to the dentist are still a necessary part of the basic care of your child’s health. The proper health control is the best prevention method for your child.


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