5 Clear Aligners Maintainence Tips

November 16, 2022, Sabka Dentist India

Clear Aligners by Sabka Dentist
Clear Aligners by Sabka Dentist
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Dr. Ankita Gada     February 27, 2020

1. Clean Your Aligners Properly

Clear aligners have to be taken care of that includes avoiding discolouration, odour and building up of bacteria that will not only spoil the transparency of the aligners but also affect the health of the teeth. Here, are some suggestions on how to clean aligners or trays.

Every morning after getting up, while brushing clean your clear aligners as well as your teeth thoroughly.

The reason behind cleaning the trays is that while sleeping the clear aligners are prone to get attached to the bacteria which can be a harmful situation. Make sure to clean your aligners every morning properly.

When you remove the clear aligners, make sure to rinse them properly with water. To avoid problems like dry saliva, and the building of plaque, make sure to rinse it properly once you remove it from the mouth.

You can also use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the aligners as it will stop the growth of bacteria. Brush the clear aligners with a soft-bristled brush so that there is no scratch on it. And also at the same time, it will help to remove the plaque.

The best solution to keep your aligners clean and fresh is to soak them. Soak them by using denture cleaner or Clear braces cleaning crystals. Make sure to soak them every day. Once the soaking procedure is done, use a new toothbrush for the cleaning and rinse it again before wearing it again in your mouth.

It is necessary to brush and floss your teeth before wearing clear aligners. If you wear it without brushing and flossing it will lead to the growth of cavities and other dental issues.

2. Never Leave Your Clear aligners Trays Out in the Open

Clear aligners should be given the utmost care to get positive results. Hence, it is necessary to be taken care of. Once you remove the trays or aligners make sure that you don’t keep them open. If you keep it exposed to the open space it will be highly prone to the building of the bacteria and also you may be a part of losing them.

Hence, a better solution to it is that, keep them in a case or a box all the time to keep it safe. In case, if you keep it open make sure to rinse them before wearing them as it destroys all the bacteria that has built up.

3. Don’t Use Toothpaste to Clean Your Trays

Toothpaste is good for your teeth, but not for the aligner as it can discolor it can cause damage to it. Trays may lose the sheen due to the use of toothpaste, which will be notified in your mouth. The concept and the characteristics of wearing clear aligners are that people shouldn’t notice that you are wearing them for the correction of the teeth.

Hence, avoid usage of toothpaste, as it has chemical ingredients that can be a great loss to your aligners.

Make sure that you don’t use soap that is colored and scented. If you take the risk of using them on your trays the outcome will ruin you by wearing the aligners. It will give an unpleasant smell when you wear it in your mouth.

4. Your Mouth Will Need Time to Adjust

The best benefit of wearing aligners is that it is not that difficult to adjust, just like other types of braces. But as your set of teeth moves in the position, aligners are necessary to be adjusted accordingly.

In the case of aligners, there are no braces appliances used like metal wire, brackets, on your teeth, so you don’t expect any irritation. Just like the wearing of retainers after braces, it is necessary to wear aligners. It can be adjusted by removing it and wearing it again.

5. The Designation of your Clear aligners Provider Matters

It is necessary to know that, by wearing braces every day you will surely get your results. Hence, keeping and giving a positive impact it is necessary to wear clear aligners.

Expert Opinion

Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “After wearing clear aligners it is necessary to care about it. It should not lose the character of being transparent. Hence, the following are the tips that will avoid the mess if you follow it properly.”


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