Tips for the Early Miscarriage Prevention

June 07, 2018, Dentistry

Tips for the Early Miscarriage Prevention
Tips for the Early Miscarriage Prevention
Tips for the Early Miscarriage Prevention

Unfortunately, sometimes a pregnancy, long awaited by many women, can end as a miscarriage. According to the gynecological terminology, a miscarriage is a loss of the fetus in the period before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Knowledge of the warning symptoms will help you be aware and take care of yourself better.

What are the most common reasons for early miscarriage of the fetus? Here is a list made by Brooklyn Abortion Clinic specialists.
1. The genetic pathologies of the fetus. Plenty of factors may contribute to their development. Among them are viral diseases, radiation, bad ecology and many-many others. The risk of such anomalies appearance is impossible to prevent because negative factors of the environment are numerous.

2. A hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. The lack of progesterone often causes miscarriage. If it is diagnosed in time, the miscarriage is possible to prevent with the help of hormonal therapy. The other possible problem is excess of the male hormones. To prevent a miscarriage, the adrenal and thyroid glands must be checked before planning a pregnancy.

3. The immune factor. Everybody knows what the Rh-incompatibility is. It’s when a woman’s body rejects the fetus as it would reject any other foreign body. In such cases, the progesterone therapy is appointed to prevent a miscarriage. This hormone serves as the immune modulator.

4. Infectious diseases in a pregnant woman. They may occur in any sphere of a woman’s health and can develop without symptoms. This is why during the stage of planning pregnancy, complete health diagnostic of both partners is necessary. If they are diagnosed when a woman is already pregnant, the treatment must begin as soon as possible.

5. Some medicaments. They are especially dangerous in the first trimester because they may cause anomalies in the stage of formation of the systems and organs of the fetus. Some antibiotics, contraception pills, analgesics and even herbal treatment can be dangerous. Inform your doctor about any treatment your taking.

6. Lifestyle issues. Stresses, bad habits, injuries, hot baths, hard physical work are things to avoid. Do not lift heavy weights more than five kilos. A bath should not last more than fifteen minutes. When stressed, avoid sedative self-appointed medication treatment.

Take care of your health and plan your pregnancy and the risks of the early miscarriage will be reduced to the absolute minimum. 


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