There Are Six Reasons Why Your Vape Liquid Lacks Flavour

January 26, 2023, vapegala

There Are Six Reasons Why Your Vape Liquid Lacks Flavour
There Are Six Reasons Why Your Vape Liquid Lacks Flavour
Nothing is worse than discovering that your favourite vape device is producing poor or no flavour at all. This article will assist you in determining which elements may be affecting the flavour of your e-cigarette vapour.

Once you've identified these, there are several things you can do to improve the flavour of your vape.

Reasons Of The Fading Flavour In Your E-Liquid:

Using improper e-liquids, as well as failing to prime fresh Aspire coils, might make your vape taste like nothing. Weak or no flavour from your vape is frequently caused by wrong device wattage or airflow settings. Besides, there are six main reasons that can cause your vape to lose its flavour. Let's discuss them all briefly!

Poor Or No Airflow:

Mouth-to-Lung e-cigarettes perform best with limited airflow, allowing quick bursts of strongly flavorful vapour with even the smallest puffs. This means they won't provide as much flavour if you let in too much air pass through your Innokin coil - and can frequently boost the flavour even more by restricting airflow somewhat. Direct-to-Lung vapes, on the other hand, function well with a lot of airflow, although this might result in a duller vapour flavour.

Wrong Mouthpiece:

If your mouthpiece is overly large and chunky, it may cause your mouth to open too wide. This means that any vapour that comes from your Geekvape coil and enters your mouth passes directly past your tongue, leaving you with virtually little taste. It should ideally be thin enough to deliver a highly focused jet of vapour directly onto the tip of your tongue.

With your present mouthpiece in place, notice how wide your jaw is positioned. What portions of your mouth receive the most vapour? If the flavour is merely "going through," your mouthpiece may be too large. Examine the air hole in your mouthpiece, which is where vapour escapes.

If The Vape Device Is Too Hot!

Some flavour frequencies may weaken or vanish when the vapour passing from your Innokin coil becomes too hot. Lower wattages provide fuller flavours in most vape devices, while colder vapour produces more delicate tones. Use low-power settings in conjunction with a higher nicotine liquid to create the best mix of flavour and nicotine potency.

Worn Out Vape Coil:

Whether you use Aspire coils or any other type of coil, they give up after a specific time. And that is when you no longer feel the flavour! After the first few days, it's likely that both vapour and flavour production will begin to decline. Initially, the cotton wick will start to lose effectiveness. The heating coil will then start to emit less and less flavour and vapour until it eventually stops.


In your e-juice device, check the mouthpieces and ventilation holes for flavour obstructions. Tissue fragments, dust, or congealed e-liquid can obstruct airflow from entering and exiting your Geekvape coil, dampening the flavour of the vapour. You'll notice a decrease in flavour and vapour production if your coil is oversaturated or floods with vape juice.

Heavy & Concentrated E-liquid:

In some vape devices, e-liquid that is excessively thick might flow slowly, leading to poor vaporisation or possibly no flavour at all. This occurs when individuals make their e-liquid mixtures with too much VG. E-liquids can become overly heavy due to a variety of additions (sweeteners, flavourings, etc.), but VG, or Vegetable Glycerine, is typically the biggest offender. Denser e-juices can also get deposited on your Aspire coil, making it less efficient.

Final Words:

So, these are 6 major reasons keeping you from enjoying the flavour. Take care of these things to have a satisfying vaping experience!


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