7 Best Reasons for Going to a Dentist

June 11, 2018, Ashton Avenue Dental Practice

7 Best Reasons for Going to a Dentist
7 Best Reasons for Going to a Dentist

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear the word “dentist”? Your teeth, a few foreign instruments and you writhing in unbearable pain. Right? Well, most of us believe that a dentist visit is all about ending up with a week’s discomfort and generally shudder at the idea, for instance, of going to a dentist, like in Claremont.

What most of us fail to understand is that a visit to a dentist might involve a little discomfort but can present long-term health benefits. However, if you keep putting it on the back burner, it can certainly result in some serious medical issue.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should regularly visit a dentist and how dentists can help you in living a healthy life:

  • According to a report, it has been stated that regularly getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist can reduce the possibilities of any heart-related disease. Regular teeth cleaning and scaling can reduce the onslaught of bacteria causing inflammation by improving the function of blood vessels. Visiting the dentist in Claremont can help you with that.
  • Cavities is a very serious problem and when left untreated can lead to many other diseases in the body. There are many infections that are caused by cavities and can potentially spread in the blood stream. And when cavities are not treated earlier it can result in respiratory infections, blood infection and heart’s lining infection. Thus, giving a call to your dentist in Claremont at Ashton Avenue is an optimal way.
  • Gingivitis – It is a gum disease that plays a significant role behind the kick-off of Alzheimer’s disease. A bacterium called Porphyromonas Gingivalis which is generally found in the brains of people suffering from dementia can turn this gum disease into an Alzheimer’s disease if not treated early.
  • Mothers who are expecting and suffering from gum disease can end up delivering a premature baby with very low birth weight. A premature baby can possibly suffer from many different diseases such as heart conditions, asthma, lung conditions, and even learning disorders. This is the reason our dentists always remind us to give importance to your dental health.
  • If you are one of those people who likes drinking tea, coffee or wine, you should know that you can get your teeth stained by drinking these. Regular dental cleaning will remove the stains on your teeth making them look polished.
  • A regular visit to a dentist keeps the oral health of a person in check. Yes, they might be brushing and flossing every day to keep their mouth healthy and odour free, but a routine dental check is a must. As regular dental check-ups can spot issues like gum disease, cavities and even oral cancer, it’s necessary that one should schedule it from time to time.
  • Regular or annual visits to a dentist can help prevent teeth loss and even the need of dental implants given that the cavities are caught beforehand. Therefore, visit the dentist in Claremont as soon as you can.

One might think that a dental visit is generally unnecessary but it is something that promotes better hygiene practices and can keep people well-informed about general dental problems which may turn into something serious.


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