Your Dentist Can Take 10 Years Off Your Appearance

June 21, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

A dazzling white, healthy-looking smile can instantly make you appear more vibrant and attractive. Your dentist is an expert in slowing the visible aging of the teeth and lips, and creating a younger-looking smile.

Your smile ages faster than your chronological age. As you age, your teeth slowly darken from wear and tear, exposure to staining foods, and habits like smoking. Over time, top teeth begin to look shorter and bottom teeth start to shift and crowd. They appear darker, yellow, and dull.

Restore youthful, plump lips

Wrinkles around your lips add years to your appearance. Accumulated damage from sun, smoking, using a straw, or genetic predisposition can leave your pucker in a wrinkly pout. The structure of your teeth and how they meet in your bite also affects the appearance of your lips and other facial features.

Your dentist is an expert at fixing asymmetries and allowing your best features to shine. Subtle shifts in bite and repairing misalignments can dramatically reverse the visible effects of aging. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a rejuvenated appearance, taking into account signs of aging in the whole face, not just the mouth.

Get a dazzling white smile

Food, drink, and time wage an inevitable war on your smile. There are effective at-home remedies you can try, but they’ll only slow the inevitable dimming. DIY options can’t deliver the same results that your dentist can provide safely in-office.

In-office whitening is considered the safest procedure offered by dentists. Your cosmetic dentist is trained to take into account your skin tone and hair color to determine a natural tooth color that highlights your appearance. One short visit for a tooth whitening procedure will provide a deep and thorough color change. You’ll leave with a more youthful appearance and a smile that sparkles.

Straighten shifting teeth

Research shows that white, evenly spaced teeth are a sign of health that other people use to judge your age. As part of the natural aging process, your two lower front teeth start to shift as early as your 20s. Perimenopause initiates bone loss and accentuates the progression of wear and tear on your choppers. The space between your nose and mouth lengthens. These processes combine to make your smile collapse inward, aging you instantly.

Dentists use tools like night guards to limit teeth grinding, Invisalign to restore proper tooth position, and veneers to repair worn surfaces. Your dentist can erase a lifetime of wear and tear by restoring your smile. You’ll walk out with a brighter, youthful smile that reflects the way you feel inside.

Your mouth says a lot about your age

Discoloration, wear, and age can take their toll on your smile. The skin around your lips can wrinkle and droop; teeth weaken over time from acidic foods like coffee, tomatoes, and wine.

Declare a more youthful and attractive appearance every time you enter a room. Consult your dentist about cosmetic dental procedures that will make you look younger every time you show your pearly whites.


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