The Method That Revolutionized Whole Oral Rehabilitation

March 25, 2023, Oral Rehabilitation Miami

oral rehabilitation and dentistry
oral rehabilitation and dentistry
If you could laugh freely once more, what would you do? How would you feel free to eat anything once more without limiting your options to items you can and cannot chew

If you could laugh freely once more, what would you do? How would you feel free to eat anything once more without limiting your options to items you can and cannot chew? What would it mean to you if your life were to alter in 24 hours?

The Gift of a Lifetime Grin in A Single Day

Even in cases of total tooth loss, Dr. Bruno Sharp and his team concept offers a lifelong solution. The important thing to note is that a fixed, full denture is attached to just four implants, occasionally 6 in the upper jaw. Oral rehabilitation and dentistry treatment may be carried out even when there are few accessible bones since the implants are inserted at a particular inclination angle. This prevents the replacement of bone and the subsequent lengthy healing process. Following treatment, you might depart with a temporary fixed denture. Compared to any implant technique previously known, the process is quicker, more affordable, and far less cognitively taxing.

The Way to Perfect Teeth and Release Laughter

1. Assessment & Advisory

The first stage is a three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) scan, which provides the oral surgeon with a complete picture of the teeth and jaw. This data will be used to identify an appropriate implant size and placement. Sharp Dentistry & Associates experts will take the time to address your concerns and questions you may have throughout the health check.

2. Intervention Date

The teeth were extracted with local anesthetic during the subsequent procedure, and the implants were placed simultaneously. Premium implants from industry leaders are used in their practice, and each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3. Restoration & Routine Checkups
Now comes the regenerative stage, which typically lasts four to six months. Patients are encouraged to return for monthly checkups throughout this time so that their progress may be tracked, good dental hygiene can be maintained, and any issues patients may have can be addressed. An X-ray is also obtained during the check to check the implants' progress toward ossification.

4. Digital Impression

A definitive imprint may be taken when the implants have fused with the jawbone. During regeneration, the tissue structure around the implants may alter as the gums mend and become more visually appealing. After four months, a digital imprint is made with an intraoral scanner. The perfect final, fixed dentures are guaranteed by cutting-edge design software.

5. Final Fixed Denture

As there are so many people, there are so many different types of dentures that complete the harmony of the face, and the idea of a perfect smile can vary from person to person. Sharp Dentistry & Associates technicians design and make dentures in a personalized way, naturally considering your needs in each case. Several materials may be used for the final denture.

At Sharp Dentistry & Associates, dentures are consistently screwed to the implant. This technique enables the safe removal and reassembly of permanent bridges. The screw solution is a huge relief and safety for both the patient and the Miami dentist, both during the permanent replacement of the temporary bridge and after the final bridge has been given, in case of any complaints or a general control, oral hygiene treatment.

6. Regular Checkups

Even after their treatment, Sharp Dentistry & Associates continue to hold their patients' hands and call them every four months for a follow-up checkup or a professional dental cleaning. Any potential abnormalities may be identified and addressed early, and unintended problems can be avoided, due to ongoing, appropriate treatment and specialized screening.


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