3 Effective Treatments for Replacing a Missing Tooth

April 29, 2023, NY Dental Boutique

3 Effective Treatments for Replacing a Missing Tooth
3 Effective Treatments for Replacing a Missing Tooth
A restorative dentistry in Brooklyn is responsible for restoring the existing condition of your teeth, like replacing missing teeth. Here are some effective treatments for replacing a missing tooth.

Losing a tooth not only creates a gap in your perfect set of teeth, making them look less appealing, but it also has other negative consequences. A missing tooth can impact the jawbone, making it weaker over time. Additionally, a weak jaw bone can result in the dislodging of other healthy teeth. Once you lose a tooth, the teeth around it can change their position to fit your mouth, resulting in severe misalignment. Moreover, your gums can start receding, increasing the risk of several diseases. A missing tooth can also change the overall structure of the lower half of your face. The multiple consequences of a missing tooth emphasize the importance of getting timely treatment from restorative dentistry.

This blog discusses some effective treatments for replacing a missing tooth.


Dental Implant

Dental implants are one of the most commonly used and effective treatments for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. In dental implant surgery, the missing tooth is replaced with a synthetic tooth that looks like a real one. Additionally, the artificial tooth functions perfectly like a real tooth, helping a person chew without any hassle. The artificial tooth has a base of a screw-like metal that goes into the root of the tooth, ensuring that the tooth remains in the exact position for a long time.

Dental implants have titanium, allowing the artificial tooth to sync well with other teeth in your mouth. The titanium can fuse with the bones in your gums and jaw, preventing any risk of the tooth slipping after being installed. Additionally, dental implants don’t make any additional noise, making them the ideal treatment for replacing a missing tooth. These dental implants also don’t cause any damage to your existing teeth and jawbone. Additionally, the material used in dental plants doesn’t decay over time, making them a long-lasting solution. 

The multiple benefits of dental implants make them more expensive than other replacement options. Additionally, only people with good physical health can get a dental implant. Getting a dental implant can also take some time, as dentists ensure the implant is fixed and healed before installing a replacement tooth. People who want to get a dental implant for a missing tooth need to remember that dental implants can take months to heal, making it challenging for them to consume solid foods.

Fixed Dental Bridges

If you don’t want to get a dental implant for any reason, you can consider getting a fixed dental bridge. Like a dental implant, a fixed dental bridge can also replace your missing tooth or teeth with artificial ones. However, in a fixed dental bridge surgery, a bridge is created between the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The screw isn’t installed in the jawbone. Instead, the surrounding teeth in good condition support the artificial tooth.

In a fixed dental bridge surgery, the dentist also files down the adjacent tooth to prepare your mouth for the bridge. Sometimes, a bridge is also combined with a dental implant to get additional support. Dental bridges are more affordable and look and feel like natural teeth. However, people who get a fixed dental bridge need to invest extra time in cleaning their teeth as bacteria and plaque can build up under the bridge, damaging your adjacent teeth.


Partial Dentures

If you want a temporary or removable treatment for your missing tooth, you should go for a removable partial denture. As the name suggests, these aren’t fixed in your mouth, and you can place and remove them as needed. A removable partial denture includes a gum-colored base, usually made of plastic, with artificial teeth on the top. Additionally, metal wires and a framework is present to make it easier for patients to attach a partial denture to their teeth.

These dentures are the ideal treatment option for people who can’t get a dental implant or bridge due to existing health conditions or poor oral health. Additionally, they’re the most affordable option among tooth replacement treatments and can be customized to the color of your gums and the shape of your existing teeth.


Get Effective Treatment for Tooth Replacement from NY Dental Boutique

With the help of a dental implant or partial dentures, you can chew and talk properly while showing a great and complete smile. NY Dental Boutique is a dental clinic in Brooklyn that offers several restorative dentistry services. Their modern dentists in Brooklyn can make complete or partial dentures, fix bridges, and even restore your damaged teeth by installing dental crowns. Additionally, they can also fill holes in your teeth using fillings. With the help of their personalized dental care, you can replace your missing tooth in no time.

Reach out to them for any queries or book an appointment for their restorative dentistry services.



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