Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Know Which One is Right for You

July 01, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

Having the perfect smile can change people’s lives as it elevates our confidence and impresses people around us without them even realizing it. However, to know which procedure is right for you, you need to know what your options are first.

Teeth Whitening

Due to multiple reasons such as smoking, chewing tobacco and bad dental hygiene, teeth may become yellow, grey or spotty at times. If that is a problem, then you should head over to a dentist for whitening sessions. Although bleaching is the most common method in such procedures, laser whitening is quite popular these days. Home bleaching kits are also available, but they are not as effective as professional work.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can fix chipped and cracked teeth in just an hour or less. A resin putty of the same shade as your teeth is applied on the defective tooth, hardened with a laser, and is then moulded into perfect shape by the dentist. After the procedure, the teeth will look and feel as good as new.

Dental Cap

When a tooth is too damaged, discoloured or crooked, dental caps/crowns are good options to both protect the teeth and the gum underneath. The metal/porcelain/ceramic/resin cap is fitted in such a way that the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth is covered completely, making it stronger, more efficient and better looking.

Dental Veneers

Most celebs have them because they make your teeth appear perfect by covering the front with a very thin shell of porcelain or resin. A bit of the enamel will need to be removed from the surface though, but the end effect is a perfect celebrity smile that wins people over in a heartbeat. To get all the necessary details and to be aware of every option at your disposal, visit the Perfect Smile Spa.

Dental Implants

When the person in question has lost an entire tooth or when the tooth is damaged beyond repair, artificial roots are implanted right into the jawbone of the individual to make a foundation for an artificial tooth insertion later. It’s an extreme but reliable procedure.

Inlays and Onlays

When you don’t want a crown to cover the whole tooth, metal/porcelain fillings are your best options. When the premade dental filling is bonded to the centre of the tooth, it’s called an inlay and when the filling is bonded to the biting surface or any other section of the tooth, it’s called an overlay. Y


To straighten crooked teeth and fix overbites, both traditional braces and Invisalign aligners are used, with the latter being more popular with adults due to the subtlety it offers. Both work pretty well though and most orthodontists offer the services.
Do keep in mind that this is just a general overview and not the full list of all available procedures available. If you are thinking of going for a general or cosmetic procedure, it’s best to go to a clinic that has some reputation to back them up, instead of trusting a place just for their ultra-cheap price on the procedures.


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