Primary Teeth Filling a Necessary Treatment or a Waste of Money

July 03, 2018, Dentistry

Teeth Filling
Teeth Filling

It’s not just adults that can have serious dental problems. Children often suffer from them too. It doesn’t matter if their teeth will soon be replaced by new ones – it does not make their pain less. Especially today, when there are plenty of sweets and sugar drinks available at any store and parents buy tons of it every year.

The enamel of children’s primary teeth is very fragile. It is not as resistible as of the constant teeth and cannot withstand against bacteria effectively. Decay can spread over the primary teeth very fast and soon reach the deeper layers of the tooth. This is why it is very important to treat it as soon as you notice.

Many parents do not think it is wise to spend money on primary teeth when they will be replaced anyway. If a child suffers they think it is better to extract them rather than to treat. It’s a very dangerous myth, because the teeth will move to fill the newly appeared space, and will cause malocclusion afterwards.

What are the cases when your child needs dental fillings without any compromise? When the decay had reached deep inside the tooth. If this happened, no alternative measures of treatment will be effective. The infection will spread further and the other teeth will suffer too.

Still, you must make a decision together with a pediatric dentist. Sometimes the tooth had been decayed so badly that there is no sense in attempts to save it. In such cases, it must be extracted. A special removable crown can be installed, not to let other teeth move aside after the procedure.

Today, kid’s dentistry has a great arsenal of tools making it safer and more comfortable for a child. All the materials used in children are hypoallergenic. The fillings can even have different bright colors to involve a child to a game and ease the process. In addition, these fillings provide the child’s teeth with fluorine and prevent further decay.

So, if your dentist says that your child’s teeth should be filled – do not reject it, because it is necessary for your little angel’s dental health. 


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